Edge Your Beds: 12 Easy Ideas for Landscape Borders

Looking for ways to keep mulch and gravel in your flower beds, and weeds and grass out? These garden edging ideas will complement plots of every style and shape.

By Kat Hodgins | Published Mar 10, 2023 4:57 PM

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Though showy blooms and verdant bushes do most of the heavy lifting of adding pizzazz to your garden, sometimes your beds just need a little something extra. One of the best ways to give your property that designed-by-professionals look is to install edging around your garden beds. Landscape borders add a clean, well-defined edge to portions of your yard, partitioning one section of your landscape from another. They can also keep invasive weeds or grasses in your lawn from infiltrating your garden beds, and corral the mulch or gravel in your beds from slipping out of them. Whether you’re a DIY-er who’s keen to build a low stone wall around your begonias, or a new gardener who’s looking for more readymade edging options, there are myriad ways to contain and frame your plants. These ideas for landscaping borders are some of our favorites for this growing season.

1. Iron Scroll Edging

This wrought-iron scroll edging from Plow & Hearth creates a formal barrier around flower beds, at once protecting and visually complementing your plantings. Powder coated to prevent rusting, the edging uses an easy-locking ring system to bend around curves and corners. The edging sections include 6-inch long stakes, giving the design a sturdy construction meant to last long-term.

Get the Montebello Wrought Iron Garden Edging from Plow & Hearth for $99.95.

2. Stone Borders

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Limestone, flagstone, and concrete blocks all make good landscape borders, when you choose appropriately sized cuts of stone. Pick out your favorite stone types at the local home center or rock and gravel supplier. A natural-looking stone border makes your landscape border look clean, but not too flashy.

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3. Pound-In Edging

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Ultra sturdy with a simple and clean aesthetic, the interlocking pieces of this durable, COR-TEN steel edging are driven into the ground with a rubber mallet around the contours of planting beds and walking paths. Depending on the style you’re after, the material develops a modern-looking rust patina over time, or can be sealed to maintain its initial appearance.

Get the Edge Right Hammer-In Landscape Edging on Amazon for $38.99.

4. Grand View Fence

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Add a classic look to your landscape with miniature faux fencing, the perfect match for mid-height and taller shrubs and flowers. Made from a propane polymer material, this garden border can stay brilliantly white with occasional cleaning. Because its installation requires zero digging, you can even pull the stakes out of the ground to make wiping off the fence panels easier.

Get the Worth Garden Plastic Edging on Amazon for $48.14.

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5. Faux Stones

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These natural-looking poly-resin stones come with built-in spikes to keep them in place. The neutral color of the faux stones is made to complement any blooms, shrubs, and veggies growing in your yard. Each set includes two packs of 10 edging pieces, with stones that are about 12 inches long. The sections slide together and can be tapped into the ground with a mallet.

Get the Suncast Rock Stone Edging on Amazon for $59.87.

6. Wood Lawn Edging

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This fungus- and termite-resistant natural-wood edging is built to last. Though anchored to the ground with metal connector pins, the edging is flexible enough to mold around small beds and tight angles. Each pack comes with eight sections that are each 30 inches long and 4 inches high.

Get the Eco-Green Wood Products Natural Lawn & Landscape Border Edging on Amazon for $119.95.

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7. Classic Wicker Edging

Etsy landscape border classic wicker edging

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This decorative, hand-knotted woven wood and willow edging is a stylish alternative to ordinary rubber edging products. Its short stature and natural, rustic appeal makes it perfect for pairing with ground cover plants, water features, and smaller plants and shrubs. Roasted to be weather resistant, these willow borders fare well in many types of climates.

Get the Wicker Garden Fence on Etsy, priced from $6.57 for a 60cm x 10cm length.

8. Brick Edging

Home Depot landscaping border brick edging

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Reimagine the classic red brick, but with a charming scalloped design. These charming concrete edgers are durable, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance free. Each section of brick is 18 inches long, but can be cut to fit, and designed for easy installation at 90-degrees angles.

Get the Oldcastle Red Straight Scallop Concrete Edgers at The Home Depot for $2.18 each.

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9. Interlocking Steel Edging

Amazon landscape border interlocking steel edge border

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Made from sturdy, powder-coated flexible steel, EverEdge appeals with its casual, country garden look. Lengths are interlocking for seamless installation and come five to a set, totaling 16 linear feet of edging per package.

Get the EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging on Amazon for $100.95.

10. Vertical Blocks of Wood

Not everyone is a fan of uniformity. For those who love the look of wood edging, an easy DIY project for edging your beds is to use vertical blocks of lumber (new or upcycled). Cedar or redwood are quality materials, as they do not rot, and pressure-treated lumber will be the most rot-resistant. If you want an organic garden, make sure to use wood that has not been treated.

The best part of this DIY is that you don’t need to take measurements for the wood; simply cut into a variety of block sizes and position them around the perimeter of the garden bed. To make the blocks of wood more secure, you can dig a trench to keep them where you like, but larger sizes may be heavy enough to stay in place on their own.

Get 4x4x8 cedar lumber from Lowe’s for $45.98.

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11. Gabion Wall

Garden drum landscape borders gabion_wall

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A bit of a different approach to edging, a gabion wall offers a modern, industrial aesthetic to your garden border. Constructed of a cage wall that’s filled with stones, these types of walls are a lot easier to make than a dry stone wall.

Gabion walls are typically built as retaining walls on property, and they work great for raised beds, but you can also build free-standing gabion walls as decorative accents or borders using a gabion cage, packed rocks, and small trench for support, similar to this one built by the folks at Garden Drum.

12. Corrugated Metal

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Adding a bit of an industrial look to your landscaping just requires a bit of DIY, but with a material like corrugated metal, your project is sure to be long-lasting. Whether you’re upcycling metal from another project, or you just like how metal landscaping looks, corrugated metal designs give a little something extra to your outdoor space.

Those who like a simpler project will likely lean toward a ready-made edging option that hammers into the ground, like a roll of pre-cut, flexible tin. Experienced DIYers can elevate the project by building wood frame fencing and attaching the corrugated metal sheets to it. Each section is 10 feet long by 4 inches wide.

Get the CeilingConnex Corrugated Garden Edging on Amazon for $20.49.

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