Incredible Industrial Light Fixture

A metal sheet and a light kit are the two main materials needed to build this inexpensive take on industrial style.

metal sheet light - open


Industrial style is a major design trend right now—which also means incorporating these elements into your room’s designs can come at a major cost. Not one to be deterred by price, Tracie from CleverlyInspired went to work crafting this scrap metal light that makes a huge style statement with only the simplest of materials.

metal sheet light - mid


Tracie’s first step is to bend a metal sheet in half and secure it at both ends using screws, washers, and nuts. Next, she fitted a crossbar into the center of the sheet and secured it with wire. After inserting the brass nipple into the crossbar, Tracie continued on to wire the light, for a dramatic display that perfectly suits her preteen boy’s bedroom.

metal sheet light - end


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