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Lowe’s Just Launched Larger-Than-Life Halloween Decorations

Lowe's newest collection is coming for the 12-foot skeleton.
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Lowe's Halloween Decorations


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Believe it or not, Halloween is only 4 months away! And if you want to get a kickstart on your shopping for yard decorations, now’s the perfect time. Lowe’s just launched its collection of larger-than-life Halloween decorations including animatronic witches and clowns—and they are truly terrifying.

Towering Halloween decorations have become very popular in recent years, as seen with the viral (and often out-of-stock) 12-Foot Skeleton, which only briefly returned with a surprise spring drop back in April. If you missed your chance on giant outdoor Halloween decorations in the past, rest assured that Lowe’s latest launch has no shortage of ghouls, goblins, and witches to take over your yard.

Take this 7-foot light-up witch for under $150: She wears a ghostly white getup, looks into the souls of trick-or-treaters with her glowing eyes, and moves her bony jaw as she cackles and addresses on-comers. If the witch is not scary enough for your taste, you can go with her taller cousin who makes your blood tingle even before he opens his mouth. Dressed in blood-spattered costume and smeared circus makeup, Stitches the Clown stands an imposing 8.6 feet tall. His eyes glow, head turns, and both his head and mouth moves to tell creepy jokes. Either animatronic is sure to cause a jump scare or two.

According to the retailer’s Instagram post, Lowe’s plans to release new decorations each week, so check back for more fun additions. Below are some of the highlights from the first drop of Lowe’s Halloween decorations collection.

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