7 DIY Recycling Centers for Small Spaces


Photo courtesy Popular Mechanics

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Whether you’re lucky enough to have once-weekly curbside service, or you have to transport your paper, glass, metal and plastic to a local drop-off center, there’s that necessary first step: storing and organizing your recyclables.

No problem if you have extra space in the garage or on the patio for recycling containers, but for those of us with kitchens barely large enough to hold appliances, the challenge is to be creative. Here are seven small-space recycling solutions you can easily create at home.

Be Inventive. This Elf Medium Mesh Laundry sorter from The Container Store offers an immediate and attractive solution. Simply add a few labels and tuck it under a countertop, below a desk, or in a pantry or closet. For a less expensive option, consider IKEA’s Antonius Series.


Behind the Door. For those with no floor space to spare, consider this inexpensive over-the-door solution made from plastic bins and shelving tracks. You can find the how-to at ReadyMade.

IKEAHackers Recycling Bin Solution

In the countertop. If you have wall space in the kitchen and could use more prep surface area, check out this brilliant through-the-countertop solution from Ikea Hackers.

Martha Stewart Recycling Solutions

Leave it out. If you don’t have a place to hide your recycling—leave it out! The team at Martha Stewart turned store-bought stacking bins into a rolling, decor-friendly solution.

Ana White Recycling Cabinet

From scratch. If you’re itching to break out the power tools, check out Ana White’s plans for an attractive recycling cabinet made from MDF.

Aimee Herring Women's Day Hanging Baskets

On the wall. This hanging basket from Women’s Day isn’t intended for recycling, but I can imagine it working perfectly as an attractive solution for paper and junk mail, recyclable plastics and aluminum.

ManMade Recycling Solution

Customized. Sometimes you have the storage space, but can’t find the bins to fit it. In those situations, you can always whip up your own.

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