How Much Does Storm Door Installation Cost?

Installing a storm door can protect a home from the elements, increase security, and boost curb appeal. Storm door installation cost ranges from $184 to $623, with homeowners spending $394 on average.
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Storm Door Installation Cost

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  • The typical range for storm door installation cost is between $184 and $623, with a national average cost of $394.
  • Some of the main factors that affect the cost to install a storm door are door type and brand, glass type, labor, and geographic location.
  • The benefits of installing storm doors include protection from the elements and from bugs, improved energy efficiency, better natural light, reduced noise, and improved ventilation.
  • Incorrectly installing a storm door can cause operational issues, a bad seal, and other issues, which is why many homeowners choose to trust a professional with this project.
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Storm doors are designed to protect a home from damage from the elements and increase ventilation with more airflow. As a protective layer from snow, ice, sleet, hail, rain, and wind, storm doors supply extra security and are useful additions to a home. Today’s modern storm doors are energy efficient and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. From decorative glass storm doors to retractable screens and security panels, there are a variety of customizable features that can match the outside decor of any home. How much does it cost to install a storm door? According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to install a storm door ranges from $184 to $623, with the national average at $394. The overall storm door install cost depends on the door’s size, style, features, accessibility, and material. Storm door materials can cost from $100 to $550, with labor ranging from $75 to $400, based on the difficulty of the installation project.

Storm doors are installed as an additional outside door to protect an entry against the elements. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to match any color scheme and home decor. Some types of storm doors have supplemental security features, which act as additional protection for the home. From paying to replace sliding glass doors to increasing screen door security, homeowners often have questions about replacing or repairing all types of doors within a home. This guide will explore the important factors that influence the average cost to install a storm door, additional costs and considerations that can affect the final storm door installation cost, the different types of storm doors, and some frequently asked questions about storm doors installation cost and the installation process.

Factors in Calculating Storm Door Installation Cost 

Many homeowners spend between $184 and $623 to install a storm door, but the overall cost can vary from the national average of $394 due to several important factors. These can include door type, door brand, glass type, local labor pricing, and geographic location.

Door Type

Storm doors come in various types and styles—each with its own price range. Depending on the type of storm door, they can cost from $100 to over $1,000. Basic storm doors provide an extra layer of protection from the elements without additional features or decorative elements. High-end storm doors can have beveled glass panels with keyed entries made from expensive, top-quality materials. The range in storm door types allows homeowners to choose from a variety of functions and decorative features to fit in with the home’s decor. The most common types of storm doors include beveled glass, double, full-view, high-view, low-e glass, mid-view, retractable screen and half screen, security, self-storing, and ventilating doors. Each of these types is discussed in a section below.

Door Brand

Storm doors can range in price depending on the manufacturer and the individual features, and there are several brands to choose from. Below are top storm door manufacturers and the average price ranges for materials only, not including installation.

Storm Door BrandAverage Price Range (Materials Only)
Andersen$300 to $500
Emco$150 to $300
Feldco$250 to $600
Gerkin$300 to $650
Guida$200 to $600
Larson$100 to $500
Pella$200 to $400
Provia$600 to $1,000
  • Andersen storm doors are available in a wide array of styles to enhance and protect the outside of any home. Options include full-view interchangeable storm doors, full-view retractable storm doors, and three-quarter-view and half-view light panel ventilating storm doors. Andersen storm doors range in price from $300 to $500.
  • Emco storm doors are available in numerous styles, and most have glass panels that can be swapped out with screens to provide increased airflow. With a variety of customizations to choose from, homeowners can expect to pay between $150 and $300 for an Emco storm door. The company is a subsidiary of Andersen and manufactures both Andersen and Emco storm doors.
  • Feldco storm doors offer a range of colors, styles, and screen options to enhance a home’s front entryway, including retractable screens and heavy-duty durable storm doors. Feldco prices range from $250 to $600 per door.
  • Gerkin storm doors are available with retractable screens with a clear view, foam-insulated frames, reinforced core kick panels, and additional customizable features. Gerkin storm doors range in price from $300 to $650.
  • Guida storm doors are made from high-quality aluminum with over 50 models and various glass options. The company’s storm doors are customizable to match a home’s decor aesthetic.
  • Larson storm doors have retractable screens and full glass, are pet friendly, and can come in venting and security options. Homeowners can expect to pay from $100 to $500 for Larson storm doors.
  • Pella storm doors come in a variety of frame color options and glass designs. With full-view glass panels and retractable screen options, Pella storm doors can provide a decorative and protective additional layer to any front door. They cost from $200 to $400.
  • Provia storm doors are available in five brands for homeowners to choose from, each with different looks and options. The company’s storm doors are available with retractable screens, beveled and stained glass, and fiberglass and stainless steel screens, and as full-, three-quarter-, and half-view aluminum styles. Provia’s storm doors range in price from $600 to $1,000.

Glass Type

The overall cost of a storm door also depends on the type of glass. The available glass choices can raise the price of a storm door by $25 to $80. Each glass type has its own advantages, considerations, and cost. Below are the different glass types and the average cost ranges.

Storm Door Glass TypeAverage Price Range per Panel (Installed)
Beveled glass$50 to $80
Low-e glass$25 to $50
Tempered glass$50 to $80
  • Beveled glass cost. To add this decorative glass option to a storm door costs from $50 to $80 per glass panel. Available in various designs and styles, beveled glass can improve the look of the storm door. The final cost depends on the design, thickness, and style. If a homeowner wants the storm door beveled glass to be tempered as well, overall total cost will increase.
  • Low-e glass cost. Low-emissivity (low-e) storm door glass costs between $25 and $50 per glass panel, depending on the size of the door and the panel. Low-e glass diminishes the amount of UV light and infrared heat that enters a home, and in cold weather, it prevents cold air from seeping inside. The overall cost of low-e glass depends on the level of performance and protection the specific type of low-e glass offers.
  • Tempered glass cost. Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than regular glass, which makes it a more expensive choice for a storm door. Tempered glass is heat-treated so it can stand up to impacts, extreme temperatures, and other types of damage. Commonly found on security and storm doors, tempered glass ranges in cost from $50 to $80 per glass panel.


Labor cost to install a storm door ranges from $75 to $400 or more. How long it takes to install a storm door depends on the type of storm door and the complexity of the installation. A mid-view or full-view storm door may take a few hours to install, while a heavy double set of storm doors may take a full day. The storm door installation process involves removing the old storm door and fitting the new one. Storm doors typically come prehung, and the installation professional usually completes the finishing work, which involves installing the new framing, trim, and insulation. Storm doors that have additional security features commonly cost more to install, as do doors that need to be resized to fit the frame. The more difficult the installation, the more expensive the handyman cost to install a storm door.

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Geographic Location

Homeowners who live in hurricane-prone regions are likely concerned about how to survive a hurricane, how much a storm shelter costs, and how much hurricane windows or hurricane shutters cost. In addition to installing hurricane windows or shutters or even a storm shelter, installing a heavy-duty storm door can protect the front door from damage. High winds and flying debris can damage a home during a strong storm, so the costs associated with protecting a home from a hurricane are a worthwhile investment.

Storm Door Installation Cost

Additional Costs and Considerations

When budgeting for storm door installation cost, many homeowners will find that there are additional price factors and considerations that will change the final installation price. These can include the difference in pricing between a new storm door and a replacement storm door; the difference in cost between a screen door and a storm door; and the cost for old door removal, storm door repairs, entry door installation, weather stripping, and any additional customizations.

New vs. Replacement Storm Door

Replacing an old storm door with a new one costs anywhere from $75 to $800. It’s common for the installer to inspect the door that needs to be replaced before giving a price estimate. This is to determine if the frame or surrounding area needs to be repaired. Installing a new storm door that is the same size as the old one will cost less, while installing a new storm door that’s larger than the existing frame will be on the higher end of the price range. Some professionals may charge between $50 and $100 to remove and dispose of the old storm door.

Screen Door vs. Storm Door

Screen doors allow for increased airflow and ventilation, but they don’t add much in the way of security or protection from the elements. A screen door can cost from $150 to $500, depending on the quality and type of door. While screen doors are available in a variety of styles and designs, and some even come with glass inserts, screen doors do not provide the protection or security of storm doors.

Old Door Removal

Some installation professionals may charge between $50 and $100 to remove the old storm door and haul it away, while others may include that service with their overall estimate. Homeowners are advised to double-check if that service is included or added as an extra charge.

Storm Door Repairs

When a new storm door is being installed, it’s common for the frame or the surrounding area to need repairs. Reframing a storm door can cost approximately $300, or $100 for materials and $200 in labor costs. If the new storm door is larger than the existing frame, the opening will need to be enlarged to accommodate the new door. If the new storm door is the same size as the old one, the frame may need repairs from general wear and tear over the years. These can both increase the overall cost of the storm door installation.

General repairs to a storm door can cost from $120 to $350, with the national average at $220. The final price depends on the type of repair that’s needed. Labor to repair any type of door can run from $30 to $120 per hour.

Entry Door Installation

Some homeowners may decide to replace both the entry door and the storm door at the same time. This can cost from $1,100 to $2,750, depending on the type of doors and the difficulty of the installation job. While installing two doors is more expensive, some door installation professionals may offer a discount for bundling the two jobs together.

Weather Stripping

Having a professional install weather stripping around the storm door can add $35 to $40 to the project total. To save money, homeowners can install the weather stripping on their own as a DIY project for about $10, depending on the quantity and quality of the weather stripping. Since storm doors come with basic weather stripping, or sometimes none at all, homeowners may want to upgrade the standard weather stripping to protect their home from drafts and moisture. Homeowners may be able to do this on their own with weather stripping purchased from a local hardware store, or have a professional upgrade the door’s weather stripping for them.


For homeowners with pets, a storm door with a cat flap or a dog door can be a much-needed option. Adding a pet door or purchasing a storm door with one already built in can cost from $300 to $1,000. The overall price depends on the type of pet door, the glass type, and the door style, type, and design.

Those in storm-prone regions may also want to upgrade their garage doors to hurricane-proof doors. These can cost from $700 to $1,300, depending on the door style and size. Sturdy hurricane-proof garage doors are available in an array of designs and styles. Constructed of materials that can withstand debris impact and powerful winds, garage storm doors can add an extra layer of protection for the garage and the home.

Types of Storm Doors

From basic models to high-end options with beveled glass, storm doors come in a range of styles and are available with various features. Ranging in price from $100 to $1,000 or more, storm doors provide an additional protective layer to the front of a home. Below are the different types of storm doors and the average price range for each.

Storm Door TypeAverage Price Range (Materials Only)
Beveled glass$300 to $400
Double$600 to $1,000
Full-view$150 to $450
High-view$100 to $250
Low-e glass$200 to $550
Mid-view$150 to $250
Retractable screen and half-screen$200 to $600
Security$350 to $700
Self-storing$250 to $450
Ventilating$300 to $500

Beveled Glass

Offering a full view to the outside, beveled glass storm doors are available with a single pane of glass, or divided glass panel designs. The decorative edging surrounding the door adds style and allows prismatic light to enter the home. Beveled glass storm doors range in price from $300 to $400.


Required for double entry doors, double storm doors cost from $600 to $1,000. The increased price is due to the labor involved with installing two doors instead of one. Double storm doors are available in a wide range of designs and styles; homeowners can choose from full-view, mid-view, high-view, and more.


Full-view storm doors run from $150 to $450, depending on the type of glass. A full-view storm door can have a large full panel of glass or divided smaller panels to allow a clear view of the entry door. A storm door with a full glass panel is a common choice for homeowners who want the most natural light possible from the outside.

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A high-view storm door has a solid door panel with a glass window at the top. Ranging in price from $100 to $250, high-view storm doors provide increased protection but limited visibility. Some high-view storm doors may be available with a pet door, but if they’re not, a pet door can be easily added at a later time, if needed.

Low-E View

Low-e glass storm doors cost from $200 to $550 and provide a full view through the door. Low-e glass offers protection from harmful UV rays and infrared heat. Available as a whole glass panel or as divided panes, low-e glass storm doors are durable and fade-resistant.


A popular choice for many homeowners, mid-view storm doors range in price from $150 to $250. This type of storm door has a 12- to 18-inch solid base section and a divided glass panel that makes up the majority of the door. Mid-view storm doors work well in locations that don’t experience regular strong storms or powerful winds.

Retractable Screen and Half-Screen

Both retractable screen and half-screen storm doors cost from $200 to $600, depending on the specific features and door design. Retractable screens can be slid down inside the frame to make storage easier. While offering basic protection from the elements, these types of storm doors have the versatile ability to modify the visibility of the outside and allow increased airflow into the home.


Security storm doors often feature metal bars for added protection against intruders. At a cost of $350 to $700, this type of storm door can be fitted with additional security measures, such as keyed locks and tempered glass.


Self-storing storm doors cost from $250 to $450. This type of storm door offers convenient storage of the screen or glass by allowing the material to slide into the frame. Self-storing storm doors are a popular choice, since they make storing a screen or glass panel much easier than other styles.


A ventilating storm door has a glass panel that can slide open or retract into the door frame to create increased airflow. When additional security against the elements is needed, the glass panel can slide back into place and provide a completely solid door. Homeowners can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a ventilating storm door.

Benefits of Storm Door Installation

A home’s entryway can boost curb appeal and provide a welcoming focal point. A storm door is an important addition to an entrance and offers several advantages, including protection from the weather and increased security. Below are some benefits of installing a storm door.

Protection from the Elements

A storm door can protect the front entranceway from rain, snow, ice, hail, sleet, and strong winds. Since the storm door takes the brunt of the abuse from the elements, the entry door will last longer and require less maintenance.

Protection from Bugs

Being able to keep the front door open while enjoying increased air circulation and natural light is one of the top benefits of installing a storm door. Glass panels or screens prevent bugs from entering the home while allowing the natural light to shine through.

Increased Security

A storm door provides an additional layer of security against intruders. Many types of storm doors come with keyed locks, and others offer enhanced security features, including metal bars, to keep a home safe.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Installing a storm door can prevent cold drafts from entering the home during the cold winter months and prevent hot air from seeping in during the summer. A home’s heating and cooling system will not need to work as hard when the front door is tightly sealed. Some storm door glass options, such as low-e glass, reduce the amount of UV light and infrared heat that enter the home, making it more energy efficient.

Better Natural Light

A storm door can increase the amount of light in a home’s entrance. A brightly lit front door area is more welcoming than a space with a closed front door that blocks the natural light from entering.

Reduced Noise

An additional door that is well sealed can prevent outside noise from entering the home. Sounds of traffic, pedestrians, construction, or emergency vehicles will be reduced with the addition of a storm door.

Better Ventilation

Since glass panels in storm doors can be swapped out with screens, they permit fresh air to circulate throughout the home.

Storm Door Installation Cost

Storm Door Installation: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

While it seems like a storm door installation would be a quick and easy DIY project, the process typically takes considerably more time than most DIYers would think. If the storm door is prehung and is the same size as the old storm door, a homeowner may be able to hang a standard-size door in as little as a few hours to as much as a full day—if there are no needed repairs and if no complications arise. And yet, while a homeowner may avoid labor costs by installing a storm door on their own, they risk inviting a host of potential problems. Incorrectly installing a storm door can lead to difficulties with it opening or closing properly, a bad seal around the door, and exposure of the entry door and home to damaging weather. An incorrectly installed storm door reduces the efficacy of the door and negates any benefits of a professional installation. While hiring a pro to install a storm door will increase the project costs, many homeowners find the extra expense well worth it.

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How to Save Money on Storm Door Installation Cost

Installing a storm door has many benefits, but depending on the style, design, glass type, and size, storm door installation cost can quickly add up. Below are some money-saving tips for homeowners to follow when budgeting to install a storm door.

  • Get multiple price estimates. Get at least three quotes from reputable door installation companies in your area to find a price that works with your budget.
  • Consider the door style. Although having a beveled glass storm door or adding decorative details might be a first choice, opting for a more practical storm door will keep the installation costs down.
  • Use the existing frame. Making the entry door larger and installing a storm door to accommodate the size will drive up the project costs. Installing a storm door that fits the existing front door and frame will help save money.
  • Choose the glass type carefully. Some types of storm door glass are more expensive than others. When choosing glass for a storm door, consider the location and what type would best serve the function of the door.

Questions to Ask About Storm Door Installation

Asking a pro the right questions about storm door installation can help homeowners gain important information about storm doors and the installation process. Below are some questions homeowners can ask as they talk to contractors.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you offer a free estimate?
  • What is included in your price quote?
  • Can I get detailed pricing?
  • Will you provide references?
  • Do you have examples of previous storm door installations you’ve done?
  • How long will the storm door installation take?
  • Who will install the storm door?
  • What is included with the door replacement?
  • Do you provide a warranty? If so, what is included and for what length of time?
  • What type of storm door do you recommend for my home?
  • How will you measure the door to ensure the new one fits properly?
  • Do you offer prehung storm doors?
  • What happens if you discover the door frame is rotted? Will you repair it, or will you hire a subcontractor?
  • What is your policy if the surrounding area is damaged during the storm door installation?
  • Is there anything I can do to prepare for the installation?
  • What is your payment plan?
  • How can I leave a review of your work?


When homeowners are deciding on storm door installation, it’s helpful for them to have all the information about the average costs of installation and the installation process. Below are some frequently asked questions to help guide them.

Q. What is the average cost to install a storm door?

The average cost to install a storm door ranges from $184 to $623, with the national average at $394. The overall price depends on the size of the door, the door style, specific features, accessibility, door material, and glass type.

Q. What is the labor cost to install a door?

The labor cost to install a door ranges from $80 to $500. The final price depends on the complexity of the installation process and the type of door. A professional can install a mid-view or full-view storm door in just a few hours, while heavier security storm doors or a double set of storm doors can take upwards of an entire work day. Homeowners will want to keep in mind that installing a storm door involves the removal and disposal of the old door, and some door installation professionals can charge between $50 and $100 for that service. The longer and more complex the installation process, the more expensive the labor.

Q. Can I install a storm door myself?

An experienced DIYer can learn how to install a storm door on their own by following these steps:

  • Measure the door frame carefully. This involves measuring the height of the door frame in three different places: on the left, middle, and right sides. The shortest measurement should be used.
  • Attach the hinge-side Z bar and the rain cap. Also called a drip cap, the rain cap is a narrow rail that runs above the door panel and across the top of the frame. Its purpose is to prevent rain from getting in between the storm door and the entry door. The hinge-side Z bar (the part of the door frame that attaches to the door panel and the door jamb) is attached with screws to the door and door jamb and needs to be cut with a hacksaw or a handsaw.
  • Hang the storm door. With the door closed, place it into position and make sure the hinge side fits tightly against the door jamb. Double-check to ensure the door is plumb and level, and screw the hinges to secure the door. After making sure the door opens and closes properly, measure, cut, and secure the handle-side Z bar.
  • Attach the hardware. Many prehung storm doors come with locksets and handles, although some may come without them. Following the directions that accompany the door, install the handle, lockset, door sweep, and weather stripping. Install the door closer, and adjust the speed of the door if needed. The entire installation process can take four hours or more for an experienced DIYer.

Q. How long do storm doors last?

The average life expectancy for a storm door ranges from 20 to 30 years, or 25 years on average. Exposure to direct sun and powerful storms can shorten the life of a storm door.

Q. Are there storms that can break a storm door?

Category 1 hurricanes, which have sustained wind speeds of 74 to 95 miles an hour, can pose substantial risks to glass doors. Depending on the strength of the glass, the wind may damage or shatter it. Stronger storms, of course, pose even greater risks.

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