Coastal  Grandmother

10 Ways to Ace This Trendy Style

Mid-century appliances can infuse your kitchen with a coastal grandmother vibe. Choose toasters, coffee makers, and other kitchen appliances in creamy neutral colors.

2. Cashmere Throws

This makes it the perfect texture for capturing the upscale-yet-comfy sensibility of coastal grandmother style.

Traditional materials are essential to coastal grandmother style, and teak wood possesses both elegance and casual sensibility.

Coastal grandmother decor particularly leans on traditional and upscale sweater styles, such as cable knit.

5. Stoneware Bowls

Stoneware fits with the casual, elegant, and simple mojo since it typically comes in neutral hues, resists scratching, and has a minimalist look.

While it can be expensive to change an entire bedroom to achieve the trendy coastal grandmother aesthetic, there are some affordable and easy ways to update your space to reflect the trend.

“Formal but subtly worn” is a hallmark of coastal grandmother style, and light weathering on vintage furniture can give off that sense of relaxed charm.

8. Linen Curtains

The oversized ivory curtains caress the floor to create a chic indoor vibe, maintaining a bright ambiance even when drawn.

Whether you’re enjoying a pleasant conversation or a good book, it’s best done near a well-tended garden or aromatic bouquet of fresh flowers kept in simple ceramic vases.

10. Natural Light Fixtures

Updating your home’s lighting is another affordable way to try out coastal grandmother style.