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In testing, we loved how easy it was to use and how well it kept the soil moist.

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A soil meter is an invaluable tool for any plant parent to make sure you aren’t over- or under-watering your plants.

This one offers two watering modes—one with a steady stream of water and one that waters plants through the detachable shower nozzle—to meet the needs of all your indoor and outdoor plants.

They’ll come in handy for misting succulents, herbs, and other smaller plants.

While some plants will survive with or without you, orchids, ferns, philodendrons, and others will grow best in a more humid environment.

This monitor updates the readings every 10 seconds, so you can feel confident that you’re viewing the latest data.

With its nine different compartments, you’ll enjoy plenty of space to place multiple sun-loving plants together near the same window.

Each pack includes 12 bright yellow traps designed to attract small insects such as fruit flies, aphids, fungus gnats, and whiteflies.

The nearly 3,500 reviewers like how sturdy the construction is, so you won’t have to worry about your precious plants falling.

Place the spikes in the soil, and they’ll continuously release the necessary nutrients and food your plant needs for up to 2 months.

It will help ensure your plants enjoy optimal lighting to grow in spaces without much, or even any, natural sunlight.

 Many have shared how impressed they were that these watering stakes were able to keep their plants alive when they were away from home for weeks or even months.

These mesh pads are designed to cover the hole to keep soil in the pot while still allowing water to drain.

Named the best pots for succulents by our experts, they boast a sleek, modern design and make a great addition to a coffee table, a bookshelf, or a desk whether placed alone or grouped together.

Approved for organic gardening, neem oil is a natural fungicide, insecticide, and miticide that’s safe to use on plants, including fruits and vegetables up to the day of harvesting.