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12 Handy Hacks for Lazy Houseplant Parents

No green thumb? No problem! These tools can help your plants grow and thrive with minimal effort on your part.
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Did you know that adding some plants to your home decor can improve your indoor air quality, help you focus on a task, and even decrease your overall stress level? While these benefits may all sound appealing, sometimes the hassle of having a plant in your home is just too much. Like many people who love plants, however, you might feel like they just don’t have the time to keep a plant alive and healthy.

Fortunately, there are a number of innovative products that will practically take care of your plant for you. With self-watering planters and stakes, automated grow lights, and other helpful inventions, you can enjoy flowers and foliage in your home without the stress traditionally associated with keeping plants healthy.

1. Self-Watering Planter

With its deep reservoir, the HBServices USA Self-Watering Planter can hold enough water for 2 weeks, eliminating a lot of the stress of plant ownership. The planter’s innovative design keeps the soil and roots elevated while using tall hollow legs to transfer the water from the reservoir to your plants.

To make your life as a plant owner even easier, this model also features large slits along the bottom to improve air circulation for a plant’s roots. These features, combined with the clip-on watering attachment, durable and UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic, and five attractive color options earned this product a spot in our researched guide to the best planters.

Get the HBServices USA Self Watering + Self Aerating Planter at Amazon for $9.97

2. Indoor Plant Grow Lights

This Ankace 3-Head Grow Light was a top pick in our guide to the best grow lights for indoor plants. You can use its automatic timer feature to customize a lighting schedule that matches your plants’ needs. The grow light uses a combination of red and blue LED lights to provide optimal growth conditions for plants. You also can choose from among five dimming modes to best suit the lighting needs of your plants.

Get the Ankace Plant Grow Lights at Amazon for $17.84

3. Plant Food Spikes

Set these Plant Food Spikes from Miracle Gro in the soil of your indoor container and you won’t need to worry about fertilizing your plants for weeks. The spikes, which are suitable for use with any indoor plants, continuously deliver fertilizer for up to 2 months. They contain a mixture of micronutrients designed to help plants grow and stay healthy. (Plant parents who prefer to sprinkle or pour rather than spike their nutrients should consider consulting our guide to the best fertilizers for indoor plants.)

Get a set of 24 Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes at Amazon for $2.89

4. Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light

This in-home hydroponic garden system is designed to make it easy to grow your own vegetables and herbs right in your home, even during the winter. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite Indoor Garden can grow up to six plants at a time, letting you enjoy a mix of your favorite herbs and veggies.

Since this is a hydroponic system where your plants will grow in water, you don’t need to worry about the mess soil can make. Other key features of this system to make your life as a houseplant parent easier are the 20-watt LED grow lights, the digital control panel, and the vacation mode setting.

Get the AeroGarden Harvest Elite at Amazon for $173.63

5. Self-Watering Spikes

The Adabocute Self-Watering Spikes can reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to keep plants thriving. The set includes three glass spikes, each with an attractive bird design, that slowly release water into the soil. Each spike holds up to 120 milliliters of water. Since the glass birds are transparent, you’ll easily be able to see when the water needs refilling. So, enjoy that short vacation without worrying about your houseplants drying out before you return.

Get the Adabocute Self-Watering Spikes at Amazon for $21.97

6. Set of Round Wood Pots

durable wood planters

Keep these durable wood planters on hand, and you’ll always be prepared for repotting your favorite specimens. Made of Acacia, an extremely hard wood that resists rot and features stunning grain patterns, these planters are as durable as they are beautiful.

Get the Set of Two Villa Acacia Round Wood Pots at Amazon for $37.95

7. Humidifier

The best humidifiers for plants work to maintain moisture levels that will help the plant stay healthy and grow. This LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier offers a large tank to minimize the number of times you’ll need to refill the water. Set the dial to choose the desired mist level and rotate the nozzle to direct the moisture towards your plants. This model uses LEVOIT’s Micro-Mist technology to emit ultra-small water particles that stay in the air; they won’t make your furniture or floors wet.

Get the LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier at Amazon for $39.99

8. Succulent Soil Mix

Choosing the right soil for succulents will make these low-maintenance plants even easier to care for. The Perfect Plants Succulent Soil is formulated specifically for succulents and cacti. The organic soil helps to ensure proper drainage for succulents, thanks to its sandy texture. Even the soil’s bag is low-maintenance with its resealable zipper.

Get the Perfect Plants Succulent Soil at Amazon for $12.99

9. Self-Watering Indoor and Outdoor Garden Planter

When you’re looking for the best self-watering planter, consider this model from Lechuza. The planter, which is available in two different sizes and five different colors, offers a large water reservoir to limit your duties as a plant owner. Simply check the water-level indicator on the reservoir to determine when you need to add more water and let the planter take care of the rest.

Get the Lechuza Self-Watering Garden Planter at Amazon for $79.99

10. Automatic Drip Irrigation Self-Watering Spikes

An automatic plant waterer may seem like a thing of the future, but these Blumat Plant Watering Stakes are available for purchase right now. The stakes take only 15 minutes to set up and feature a thin tube that you can place in a container of water. To further cut back on how frequently you’ll need to change the water, simply use a larger reservoir.

Once set up, the tube will pull water from the reservoir slowly to keep your plant hydrated and healthy. Spend less time on plant care and more time on weekend trips.

Get the Blumat Water Spikes at Amazon for $17.02

11. Digital Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Monitoring temperature and humidity levels can help ensure that indoor plants thrive. The AcuRite Digital Hygrometer provides accurate readings with regular updates. Some other important features of this top selection from our guide on the best indoor thermometers include the ability to calibrate the sensor to each room for enhanced accuracy, the large and easy-to-read display, and various mounting options.

Get the AcuRite Digital Hygrometer at Amazon for $14.99

12. Wood Window Box Planter

window box planter

If you prefer to keep your plants outside yet nearby, opt for this 16-inch window box planter. It’s made of FSC-certified Acacia, which resists rot and insect pests. The natural material features contrasting wood tones and interesting knots, though you can also paint it to match your home’s exterior.

Get the Wood Window Box Planter at Amazon for $16.99

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on 12/29/21.