Reasons Why

Fall Is for Planting

Fall planting is a sure way to promote strong, healthy root systems with less plant stress.

1. Mild Days and Cool Nights

Not only does this “free water” reduce the need to irrigate new plants, natural rainfall is healthier for the plants than irrigation water.

3. Better Chance of Rain

The crisp weather that gardeners enjoy while working in the fall garden also helps to protect young garden plants from foliar disease as they become established in their new setting.

4. Lower Humidity

A layer of mulch applied after fall planting is adequate to eliminate nearly all weed growth until next year.

6. Less Weed Competition

Gardeners spend less time on after-planting chores like weeding, spraying, and watering.

7. Stress Relief

Most plants end the growing season by releasing mature seeds, fruit, or nuts. Whether they are scattered by the wind or dispersed by wildlife, these seeds begin the process of germination in fall.

8. Following Nature’s Lead

While fall planting is often a safe and easy choice, sometimes it’s not the best strategy. Trees, shrubs, and perennials that are marginally hardy for your planting zone should be planted in spring.

But Not These Plants

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