The Small Black Flying Bugs

Insects That May Be

in Your House

Keep no-see-ums from coming indoors by consistently running the air conditioning, using carbon dioxide mosquito traps, and installing window screens.

1. No-see-ums can inflict  painful bites.

These insects are attracted to standing water outdoors. To keep them out of the house, install window and door screens and keep doors and windows closed.

3. Mosquitoes are typically gray or brown, but they can appear black at a glance.

Because houseflies typically lay their eggs in decaying organic matter, the best way to get rid of them is to regularly empty and clean garbage cans and properly dispose of animal waste.

5. Houseflies are a nuisance  and can also carry diseases.

This type of fly gravitates toward decaying organic matter in drains or garbage pails, which is also where they typically lay their eggs.

6. Phorid flies breed in damp, decaying material.

If discarded wings or a termite swarm are present, it’s best to act fast and have an expert provide an inspection. Other signs to look for include damaged wood, mud tubes, and evidence of worker termites.

8. Flying termites leave their original colonies to start  new ones.

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