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Fall Gardening Practices




Your Soil in Winter

Place healthy removed plant material into your compost pile.

1. Dispose of old  garden debris.

Applying manure in fall ensures it will age and that the nutrients will be available for early spring planting.

5. Add manure  to garden beds.

This helps stabilize the temperature of soil right around freezing, and with luck avoid freezing and thawing cycles, which are detrimental to plants.

6. Mulch around  perennial plants.

For example, did afternoon sun do a number on one of your perennials? If so, think about how to introduce  shade for next summer.

7. Map and plan for  the next season.

The specific timing and sprays to add can get complicated, so research instructions by fruit type and product information, or call a tree service professional to perform this fall task.

9. Apply dormant sprays  to fruit trees.

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