I Let My Lawn Grow 

 for No Mow May...

Here’s What Happened

While my unmowed area brought in significantly higher numbers of bumblebees, hoverflies, butterflies, and moths, as the grass and weeds grew taller I also had more migrating and resident songbirds, chipmunks, field mice, and on two occasions, king snakes

Tall grass and flowering weeds attracted lots of wildlife.

It was weedy, seedy, full of random flowers, and the overall color was a patchwork of greens and tans. But in a month I saved about 6 hours that I would have spent on mowing and trimming the edges.

I enjoyed the break from  lawn upkeep.

To get it back in shape, I mowed again 5 days after the first cut, then again 6 days later.

The lawn looked ragged until the grass recovered.

I normally mow once every week or two throughout the growing season. Going forward, I can simply wait an extra 3 to 5 weeks before beginning my regular routine.

I will do No Mow May again.

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