Landscaping Mistakes

That Make Home Buyers  Walk the Other Way

1. Large Water Features

Sure, water features can help create a relaxing outdoor space, but it takes work to keep them maintained—work potential buyers might not be up for.

3. Large Trees

While the right tree may offer shade in your landscaping, big trees too close to the house can be a red flag.

4. A Huge Lawn

A healthy lawn can be a plus when selling your home, but there can be too much of a good thing.

6. Too Many Annuals

Since you must buy them each year, annuals can be expensive and a lot of work to maintain for novice gardeners.

7. Dog Urine Spots

A lawn full of brown spots from your dog could make some buyers think twice, as it may say you don’t bother with upkeep.

9. Cracked Concrete

Cracks in your home’s concrete patio or walkways aren’t just unsightly, they can be dangerous. They can also be costly to fix.

10. Unconventional Containers

Some feel using unconventional containers adds a unique touch to the yard. This style just doesn't appeal to everyone and can be off-putting.

11. A Messy Yard

A messy or unkempt yard may give potential buyers a bad first impression.

13. Expensive Landscaping

One easy way to cut landscaping costs is to replace some annuals with perennials. Opt for native perennials in larger flower beds and borders.

14. Plants That Attract Pests

While some garden pests are harmless, others may severely damage or even kill your plants. If you decide on a plant or tree that’s notorious for attracting pests, make sure you have a plan to keep bugs at bay.

15. A Sloping Yard

Not only is soil erosion a problem, but maintaining the sloping section of a yard can be a never-ending nightmare.

17. Overly Thirsty Plants

When planning your landscaping, consider how much watering you (and potential buyers) are willing to do.

18. Poisonous Plants

Some common landscaping plants that are poisonous to dogs include gladiolas, daffodils, milkweed, and ivy. Plants such as rhododendron, lily of the valley, foxglove, and hydrangeas are known to be poisonous to humans.

19. Damaged Features

Nobody wants to see a crumbling retaining wall or rotted flower or garden bed boxes, as they can be both unsightly and dangerous.

20. Lacking a Color Palette

If your home is a pastel color, look for flowers that create a contrast, such as bright orange flowers against a pale blue house.

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