What does a 


in the window mean?

The tradition of candles  in windows was sparked by the Irish.

In Ireland during the 1600s, Catholics were persecuted for their faith. Families would display lit candles in their windows during the Christmas season to secretly invite a passing priest into the home to say Christmas Mass.

Today, a candle in the window can mean several things.

Candles that are white may symbolize hope and happiness, whereas other colors, like red, may symbolize passion or energy. The following are the most common meanings of a candle in the window today.

1. To Signify Welcome  or Sanctuary

A candle in the window today can be a sign for homeowners to welcome others passing by, and to let passersby know food or shelter is available.

3. To Announce a Child has Been Born

Candles have a long history of representing celebration, hope,  or purity.

4. To Remember Someone Who has Died

Lighting candles for someone who has died is a common ritual for many, regardless of faith or background.

Is it even safe to burn candles in windows?

According to GoodLight Candles, you shouldn’t allow a candle to burn for longer than 4 hours.

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