Minimizing Methods

to Help You Live With Less

...and Why You Should

The approach of this method is to tidy within categories rather than room by room.

1. The KonMari Method

Start by finding 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate, and 12 to put away properly—that’s 36 items taken care of in one swoop.

3. 12-12-12 Method

Pretend you’re moving and box up all of your stuff—yes, all of it. As you need specific items, take them out of the boxes. After 3 weeks, whatever remains packed up can likely go.

5. Packing Party

To see which clothes you actually wear, hang up all your items with the hangar set backward. Once you wear an item, move the hanger so it faces the correct way. After a month, pull out clothing with a hanger still facing backward.

6. Reverse Your Hangers

1. Empty out the space you want to declutter. 2. Envision what you want the space to be (items you keep must adhere to this vision). 3. Create piles for the stuff you removed from the room.  4. Donate or discard the pile that does not align with your vision for the room. 5. Use the kept items to reassemble the room and bring your vision to life.

7. Peter Walsh’s Five  Step Method

Using a timer is a terrific minimizing activity for avoiding burnout. You set a timer for 15 minutes every day to declutter an area.

9. Accomplish What You Can in 15 Minutes

Downsizing the less emotionally charged things first gives you practice, making it easier to eliminate objects you see daily.

11. Room by Room Decluttering

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