Why You Should Crack a Window in Your House


Feel the Breeze

When the weather is warm but not hot enough to justify firing up the air conditioner, open windows to control your home’s temperature.

Fresh air generally contains higher levels of oxygen than indoor air. When you breathe in more oxygen, your body benefits. Extra oxygen allows your lungs to dilate to improve tissue repair and filtration, and potentially lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Offer Easy Access for Pets

An open window in the daytime can be a perfect doorway for pets, particularly cats that are allowed outside. When cats want to go outside, they often scratch at the door, behaviors which can damage furnishings. Leaving a window open for even a couple hours a day lets feline companions come and go as they please

Get Better Sleep

There have been many studies on the impact of fresh air on sleep patterns. An open window helps reduce indoor carbon dioxide levels, which contributes to better rest.  On top of that, depending on the season, cool night air can help lower body temperature, making it easier to fall asleep.