11 Pro Tips for

Planting Trees on Your Property


Will the tree be in the front or backyard? Because water and electric lines are more likely to run through the front yard than the backyard, planting big trees in the front can create issues.

1. Pick a side.

Lower your utility bill by planting large deciduous trees where they can provide shade during the hotter months.

3. Throw some shade.

You may be able to build a deck or install a patio near or around existing mature trees, but be sure to leave enough space to account for growth and to allow air and water to reach the roots.

4. Consider existing  structures.

There may be restrictions on where you can plant. For example, the space between the sidewalk and the curb is sometimes off-limits

5. Check HOA restrictions.

Rows of arborvitaes or poplars can create privacy while protecting the home from the elements.

7. Create a weather-, wind-, or sound-break.

Be sure the tree you want to plant will be able to get the appropriate amount of sunshine in the desired location.

8. Follow the sun.

Whether your lawn is irrigated or simply has a low, boggy area that collects water during heavy rains, either avoid planting trees there or find varieties that don’t mind having wet feet.

10. Watch the water.

There may not be much choice, depending on where you live, but placing a tree in the best soil possible will help it succeed.

11. Choose an area with  good soil.

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