Plants You Can Winter Indoors


When overnight temperatures drop to the 50s, move palms to an indoor location that gets lots of light.


In general, cacti do best in a cool, even unheated, bright location with minimal water.

Citrus plants are sensitive to the drying effects of air, so it’s best to position them away from heat vents and cold drafts.

Place them in a brightly lit room, and treat them like regular houseplants.


Bring jasmine into a sunny room before frosty weather arrives, and keep it away from drying air vents and drafts.

Place the tuber in a warm, dark location with good air circulation to dry out for a few days.

Put them in a cool, dark location that will not freeze.


About 2 months before the last frost date, trim the stored geraniums and plant them in moist potting soil with two leaf nodes below the soil line.

Bring potted angel’s trumpets inside to a cool, dark area when frosty weather approaches.


As the weather cools, gradually reduce watering. Keep the soil barely moist until the weather warms in the spring.

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