Power Rake  vs. Dethatcher

What's the difference?

A dethatcher is a light-duty tool used to remove thatch that is up to 1/2-inch thick. A power rake is a heavy-duty garden tool primarily used by professional landscapers to lift and remove thatch that exceeds 1/2 inch in thickness.

Spring tines on a dethatcher lift a small amount of debris to the surface.

Dethatchers can come in several different types including manual, tow-behind, and powered, but every dethatcher uses a similar mechanism to remove a small amount of thatch and dead organic debris from the surface of the lawn.

These machines typically resemble square or rectangular oversized mowers, though some models have the dethatching blades partially exposed in the front of the tool.

Inexperienced users can damage a lawn with a power rake.

These heavy-duty tools are typically used by professional landscapers, but DIYers can learn how to use them effectively.

This impressive tool is designed specifically to handle thick, overgrown thatch.

Manual dethatchers are less expensive than power rakes.

The price discrepancy between these tools is due in part to the mechanical construction of the tools, but it’s also associated with the target market for each tool.