Does Mulch Attract  Termites?

Mulch can provide an ideal environment for termites, but it doesn’t attract them.

The termites that cause the most damage in the U.S. are subterranean types that live underground and emerge to feed. It’s the damp soil under mulch that attracts them—not the mulch itself.

Rather than look for termites in mulch, look for signs of them beneath and around mulch.

Evidence of termites surrounding mulch can include mud tubes on foundation blocks, accumulations of wings, and any sightings of flying ant-like insects.

Store-bought bags of mulch are not the insects’ food of choice.

Termites have a hard time staying alive on a diet of just mulch.

These types of mulch are more resistant to termites than others:

- Melaleuca - Cypress heartwood - Pine straw - Cedar

No matter the type of mulch used, create a buffer between it and your home’s foundation.

Keep any mulch you apply, even black mulch, at least a foot away from the foundation to keep the ground there dry.

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