Things You Need On Hand

When Shopping At

The Home Depot

2. Trim Cut-off

Before heading to the store with just the length you’ll need, make sure to take a cut-off of the trim you want to match. Snapping a photo is helpful, but it may not capture enough depth and detail to ensure a perfect match.

4. Paint Name or Sample

If you order a few swatches online and live with the colors for a couple of days, it’s easier to make a decision and get exactly what you need when you are at the paint counter.

5. Dimensions of Walls  for Paint

There’s a simple way to figure it out: Just use the length and width of each surface (wall or ceiling) to find the area of each wall, and then total them up.

8. Dimensions of Appliances or Furniture

For those who have been tempted to purchase finishes before fixtures, be sure to have information about all of the appliance sizes (length, width, height, door swing, etc.).

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