8 Easy Tricks for

Dirty Paws on Clean Floors

1. Purchase Outdoor or Indoor Footwear for Your Dog

Dog booties that your pup can wear when it's wet outside can keep their feet from getting dirty.

2. Consider Grass Alternatives For Your Yard

Grass can hold a lot of water and remain muddy, even for several days after it has rained.

3. Keep your Dog’s Toenails  and Paw Hair Trimmed

Keeping your dog's paws well-groomed can cut back on how much mud and other debris they track in.

4. Set Up a Cleaning Station Inside the Door

Set up a small table or basket with some baby wipes, a spray bottle of water, and some clean towels.

6. Use Gates to Block  Off Rooms

Consider setting the gate up at the end of your entryway or blocking the stairs so you can open it once you’re confident that your dog’s feet are no longer wet or muddy.

7. Let Muddy Prints Dry on Carpet Before Vacuuming

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