Turn Twin Closets

Into One Dream Closet

(in 10 easy steps)

1. Assess the space.

Determine the storage and functionality goals, and then figure out the best design to maximize space and usability of the area.

2. Determine if the wall  is load bearing.

It is recommended that homeowners hire a professional to verify that the walls to be removed or modified are not load bearing before moving forward with the project.

3. Remove existing shelves.

Clear the space completely. This is also a good time to inspect the walls and test for lead paint. If lead is detected, consult a pro for removal.

5. Add electrical.

It is likely that the current lighting will have to be relocated or the fixtures replaced. If you're not experienced with electrical work, calling an electrician is the best plan.

7. Fix flooring.

If available, use the same flooring material that's installing in the rest of the room for a cohesive look.

8. Apply paint.

It is recommended that the new closet space be painted before installing any of the shelving or other storage features.

10. Add personal touches.

A full-length mirror can make the closet feel even larger and provides a dressing room element.

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