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Is There Really a Grill Cover That Fits Well, Won’t Fade, and Keeps a Grill Dry? Yes!

Durable construction that holds up to the elements and a tailored fit make this Weber grill cover ideal for Weber grill owners.
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Weber Grill Cover

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Since most grills spend their days outdoors and unprotected from the elements, most eventually succumb to the effects of rain, hail, and the hot sun. They can rust, corrode, and end up at the curb on bulk garbage pickup day. In fact, the average lifespan of a grill is just 5 years, which is disheartening given that even the most affordable gas grills can still cost hundreds of dollars.

There is a way to extend a grill’s life well beyond that average with a quality grill cover. Grill covers come in a variety of materials and types, making choosing the right one somewhat of a challenge.

Many grill covers use cheaper materials that simply can’t stand up to the abuse that Mother Nature inflicts, leaving them faded and cracked in just a few months. Other covers attempt to fit a broad range of grills and, in the process, fit none of them well, giving them an unkempt and baggy appearance that detracts from the aesthetics of a deck or a patio.

Having already gone through one cover that the elements quickly conquered, I decided I needed one made of higher-quality material that would fit my Weber Spirit II gas grill. Weber is known for the durability of its grills, so I felt confident I would find that same level of craftsmanship in its grill covers, along with the tailored fit I desired.

I chose the Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover that fits Spirit 200 and Spirit II 200 series gas grills. For owners of other Weber grills, the company also makes a very similar grill cover for its larger Genesis II and Spirit II 300 series of gas grills and its popular line of kettle charcoal grills.

Since a grill cover’s worth is largely determined by how long it can resist the elements, I subjected this grill cover to a full year of use (and abuse) before reaching a verdict.

Rating: [9/10]

Verdict: With a custom fit and durable construction that seems impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight and rainwater, this Weber grill cover is a worthy shield for a Weber grill.

Weber Grill Cover Verdict
Photo: Tony Carrick


  • Durable polyester material
  • Fits the grill’s contours with the side shelves up or down
  • Velcro straps hold the cover in place


  • Skirt fits unevenly at the bottom
  • Pricier than other grill covers
  • Water-resistant as opposed to waterproof

Get the Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover at Amazon for $58.00 or The Home Depot for $64.99

Built to Last

This Weber grill cover has several characteristics that make it one of the longer-lasting and better-fitting options on the market.

  • UV inhibitors shield the cover’s polyester fabric from the sun, which prevents the material from deteriorating and the color from fading.
  • Breathable fabric allows moisture to pass through so condensation from humid air doesn’t build up between the cover and the grill.
  • A custom fit for Spirit 200 and Spirit II 200 series gas grills means this cover slides perfectly over the grill, giving it a neat and tailored look.
  • Fastening straps cinch the cover tightly around the grill, which prevents high winds from dislodging it while also creating a secure fit whether the side shelves are up or down.
Weber Grill Cover Fits Like a Glove
Photo: Tony Carrick

Fits Like a Glove

When buying an after-market grill cover, often one of the biggest challenges is finding one that actually fits. A poor fit impacts a cover’s durability, how easy it is to put on and take off, and even the overall aesthetics of the patio.

My previous cover, though supposedly compatible with the dimensions of the grill, was a pain to use. It required me to retract the grill’s side shelves and, even then, offered little in the way of wiggle room. Installing this grill cover was the equivalent of pulling on a pair of skinny jeans. Covering the grill was such a hassle that sometimes I simply left the grill uncovered (and exposed to the weather). Unsurprisingly, the tight fit put too much tension on the cover’s seams, which began failing after only 6 months.

One of the big selling points of this Weber grill cover is that it’s specifically designed for the Weber Spirit, so there was no need for me to measure the grill’s dimensions to check for a proper fit.

In fact, the Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover fits like a tailored dress shirt. The seams match up with the corners of the lid and outer edges of the side shelves, creating a contoured look with no baggy or rumpled areas. The cover’s skirt hangs a few inches above the ground, just enough space to allow for the necessary airflow to prevent condensation from forming on the grill.

Weber Grill Cover Easy to Get On and Off
Photo: Tony Carrick

Easy to Get On and Off

This perfect fit translates into not only a tidier appearance but also an easier installation. Weber wisely crafted a design that fits over the grill with the shelves open, so the cover has a wide opening that makes it easy to pull over the top of the grill.

Some grill covers have stiff vinyl fabric that makes them difficult to maneuver into place once on the grill—not so with this Weber grill cover. The soft cloth makes it easy to adjust the cover, so the seams hit the proper points on the grill, and the large Weber logo on the front serves as a handy guide when I’m aligning it.

The Velcro fastening straps that cinch the cover tightly around the extended side shelves are wide and extra long, so they’re easy for me to grab to cinch the cover snugly around the grill.

I also like the fact that this grill cover will work whether the grill’s side shelves are extended or retracted. Some grill covers require you to close everything up before placing them over the grill.

The cover also hangs a few inches off the ground, which is important to allow airflow to circulate under the grill cover to prevent condensation. I never open the cover to find that moisture has collected on the grill, even in the midsummer humidity of North Carolina.

I like the fit of the grill cover, but I do have a few gripes. While the cover is form-fitting from the top of the lid to below the side shelves, the cover hangs somewhat unevenly near the base of the grill, giving it a bit of sloppy look at the bottom. While this fit has no impact on performance, it does detract somewhat from the grill’s aesthetics, albeit minimally.

I found one way of neatening up this loose look is by allowing the cover to hang free by not using the Velcro straps to cinch it; however, doing so makes the cover a bit more susceptible to lofting in windy conditions.

Fabric That Stands Up to the Elements

For a grill cover to truly do an effective job of protecting a grill, it has to hold up to what Mother Nature throws at it—and not just for a month or two. A good grill cover should endure season after season of extreme heat and cold without looking faded, torn, and ragged.

Much of how well a cover endures the elements comes down to the fabric. While vinyl grill covers are waterproof, they typically dry out and crack under the sun’s intense heat or in freezing temperatures. The Weber grill cover is polyester. While polyester is only water resistant as opposed to waterproof, it is much more durable than vinyl.

UV inhibitors in the fabric extend the life of the cover while also ensuring it doesn’t look weather-beaten after a few months of use. That treatment apparently makes a big difference. Despite 6 hours of direct sunlight each day and exposure to a year’s worth of rain and snow, the cover shows little to no signs of fading. There is no evidence of deterioration from prolonged exposure to UV rays, and the cover is still as black as the day I removed it from the packaging. Even the Weber logo on the front of the grill cover still looks pristine.

Seams are the weak point of a grill cover, and this cover has a lot of them. They can allow water to leak through the cover or pull apart if not sewn properly. Though the seams on the Weber grill cover run from lid to skirt, they show no signs of giving in after a year of use.

Weber Grill Cover Versus Tropical Storm Elsa
Photo: Tony Carrick

The Weber Grill Cover Versus Tropical Storm Elsa

While fit and durability are important characteristics that determine the quality of a grill cover, those factors mean little if the cover fails to keep the grill dry. Since polyester is only water resistant and not waterproof, Weber lines the inside of this cover with a PVC layer to prevent water from soaking through the material or the seams and reaching the grill.

Since I purchased the Weber grill cover, my grill has been through numerous downpours, most recently enduring Tropical Storm Elsa. Under heavy assault from driving rain, water simply beads up on the water-resistant polyester and rolls right off, leaving the grill underneath bone dry.

The cover’s fit is also taut enough that there is no place for water to pool or collect, which allows it to dry more quickly after the storm passes.

Worth the Extra Expense

The Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover for Weber’s Spirit 200 series runs approximately $58 to $65, depending on the retailer. While this price range makes the cover one of the more expensive models for a two-burner gas grill, it’s hard to argue with the price considering how well it has held up over the last year.

There are plenty of grill covers around the $20 price point, some of which I’ve used in the past. However, I doubt these cheaper options would look as fresh after a year’s worth of use, nor would they last nearly as long. One could certainly make the argument that the Weber grill cover saves money in the long run by outlasting more cheaply made grill covers that give out sooner.

It’s also hard to argue with the fit of a grill cover tailored to a specific grill model versus a universal one designed to fit a variety of grill shapes. I value the aesthetics of my outdoor living space, so I appreciate the streamlined, clean look of this grill cover when it’s in place.

Given all these factors, I think the Weber grill cover is worth the higher price tag. It’s hard to justify using a lower-quality cover to protect a Weber grill, especially when you consider that Weber gas grills are somewhat of an investment in and of themselves.

Weber Grill Cover How We Reviewed
Photo: Tony Carrick

How We Reviewed the Weber Grill Cover

I purchased the Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover for my grill and used it with a Spirit II Weber two-burner gas grill over 12 months. During that time, I considered four major factors to review the cover—ease of use, fit, durability, and water resistance. I noted how quickly I could install and remove the cover, and I examined how well it fit the grill.

In terms of durability, I observed how well the cover’s fabric maintained its color, as well as how both the fabric and the seams endured repeated use and exposure to the elements over a year. As for water resistance, I inspected the grill after heavy rains to determine how well the cover prevented water from reaching the grill.

Should You Choose the Weber Grill Cover?

The Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover is a great choice for Weber Spirit grill owners. It offers a tailored fit and is easy to install and remove. Most importantly, it does an excellent job of keeping the grill dry. This grill cover also demonstrates excellent durability, showing little in the way of wear and tear after a full year of use.

Although it’s more expensive than a universal after-market grill cover, the Weber grill cover’s ability to endure the elements and create a waterproof barrier that protects the grill make it worth the higher price tag. And, given that Weber gas grills are among the more expensive models on the market, it makes sense to spring for a cover that will adequately protect that investment.

Get the Weber Spirit II Premium Grill Cover at Amazon for $58.00 or The Home Depot for $64.99

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