Bob Vila Radio: This Is When You Should be Watering the Lawn

Knowing the best time of day to water the lawn can improve its appearance and help prevent wasting water. Keep reading for more helpful lawn watering tips!

Drought conditions, combined with scorching summer temperatures, can make it hard to keep your lawn properly watered. Here’s my advice: Do the job early in the morning.

When To Water Grass



Listen to BOB VILA ON WHEN TO WATER GRASS or read below:

Cooler temperatures help water absorb to reach the roots. Don’t drench the area to finish more quickly—give water time to absorb, or you’ll just waste it in runoff.

Follow the rule of one inch of water per week, divided into two or three sessions. Waiting about three days between watering sessions gives your lawn time to breathe.

Keep on the lookout for signs of dryness, like discolored grass or blades that curl over at the top. If you notice these, start watering earlier in the day for a little longer or water a little more frequently.

On the other hand, spongy ground or extra vegetation growing over grass indicates overwatering. If you make changes to your watering practice, do so slowly over a few weeks so your lawn can gradually adjust.


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