Bob Vila Radio: A Case for the Classic Wood Stove

Oil or gas heat may be the norm in most of the country, but in places where wood costs less than fossil fuels, there's been renewed interest among homeowners for an old favorite—the wood stove.

Plenty of us recall nestling around the cozy warmth of wood stoves, whiling away the winter-evening hours among family and friends. But now, thanks to a combination of factors—rising fossil-fuel costs on the one hand, improved technology on the other—many homeowners have begun to see the wood stove not only as a source of ambiance, but also as a viable means of everyday home heating.

Wood Stove Heating




Need proof that wood stoves are no longer the polluters they once were? Consider this: Today’s stoves put out between two to seven grams of smoke per hour, whereas older, non EPA-certified models produced anywhere from fifteen to thirty grams. Something else to consider: Many of the best wood stoves operate eight times more cost effectively than a heating appliance reliant on fossil fuels.

Stoves come in all sorts of configurations. Some are freestanding and sit in the corner; others are built-in and mount to the wall. In addition to new designs, wood stoves also offer new features. For decades, there was no such as automatic operation of a wood stove, but today, features like automatic-loading wood hoppers, programmable timers, and remote controls all make life easier for the homeowner.

Another plus of this time-tested heating method: buying wood from your neighbors helps support the local economy!

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