8 Places Around the House You Should Have a Fire Extinguisher

Preparedness is a key element of fire safety. Learn about the strategic locations around your home where a fire extinguisher could be a lifesaver.
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a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall in a hallway with view into cozy living room space


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Our homes are filled with irreplaceable items, precious memories, and, most importantly, the people we care most about. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plan in place and the right tools on hand to deal with a potential emergency.

One of the most potentially damaging and life-threatening accidents that could occur in any home is a fire. Be it a small spark from an electrical malfunction or an out-of-control kitchen flame, the scale of destruction that fires bring can be swift and overwhelming. Every year, thousands of homes are affected by fires, leading to immeasurable loss and devastation. And while it’s vital to ensure you have smoke alarms installed in key areas around the house, a fire extinguisher is another critical tool in your home safety arsenal.

Fire extinguishers serve as the first line of defense in the instance of a fire. Positioned strategically, they allow you to react swiftly to suppress a fire before it grows out of control. According to Allstate, a fire extinguisher should never be more than 40 feet away when you need it. With different areas in the home posing specific fire risks, it’s not enough to have just one fire extinguisher in your home. Instead, having multiple extinguishers around the house is the safest option. Here are eight places in your home where having a fire extinguisher could be a lifesaver if you ever need it.

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1. Kitchen

woman in kitchen using fire extinguisher to put out fire in pot on stove

According to the Red Cross, fires are more likely to start in the kitchen than in any other area of the home. With high heat, flammable oils, gas, and electrical appliances constantly in use, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Even a small mishap, like a dishcloth too close to the burner, can quickly turn into an inferno. That’s why having a fire extinguisher like the First Alert Kitchens Fire Extinguisher within easy reach is so important. Reacting quickly and extinguishing the blaze before it grows can prevent a minor accident from becoming a life-threatening disaster.

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2. Garage

inside garage with white brick walls with ladder mounted to wall and a shelf in the back with paint cans in storage

Your garage is more than just a spot to park the car—garages also commonly serve as storage spaces, tool sheds, or workshops. As a result, they tend to be full of flammable materials like oil, gasoline, paint, and other chemicals that can be a fire hazard. A small spark could ignite these substances, making the garage a high-risk area for fire occurrences. Having a fire extinguisher with an aluminum bottle, like the Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher, will make it more maneuverable and can be the difference between a minor accident and a major catastrophe. It allows you to swiftly control and eliminate a fire before it gets a chance to spread to the rest of your home.

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3. Living Room

stool with mug and book in front of warm open flame of fireplace in cozy living room

The living room, typically used as a family gathering spot, is often furnished with electronics, comfy furniture, cozy drapes, soft rugs, and perhaps even a fireplace. While essential to a comfortable living space, these items pose a significant risk due to their combustibility. A single spark from a fireplace can quickly catch onto a rug or drape, and faulty wiring in an electronic device can suddenly ignite, making a living room fire extinguisher a smart choice. We like the Amerex 5-Pound B500 ABC Fire Extinguisher, the top pick in our list of best fire extinguishers.

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4. Laundry Room

white washer dryer in grey empty room overheating with sparks and flames

Laundry rooms are often overlooked in terms of fire safety but can pose a serious threat. The high heat generated by the dryer, coupled with the potential for lint build-up, can create a potentially dangerous situation. Washer motors can overheat, and electrical outlets can short, leading to a fire. Having a heavy-duty extinguisher, like the First Alert PRO5 Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher, in the laundry room could be instrumental in preventing a laundry fire from spreading.

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5. Bedrooms

close up on three light colored candles with flames on light wood floor in front of blurry bed and books

Keeping our loved ones safe while we sleep is a top priority, so having a fire extinguisher in the bedroom is a prudent choice. The Kidde FA110 Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher comes in a set of two for different bedrooms. Fires can start even while we sleep—candles can tip over, devices can overheat while charging, or faulty wiring can spark a flame. Whether the fire actually starts in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house, it’s good to be ready to tackle the blaze when the smoke alarms sound.

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6. Attic or Basement

attic space filled to the ceiling with boxes in storage

Attics and basements often become repositories for old furniture, boxes of unused belongings, seasonal decorations, and sometimes even heating equipment. These spaces are also frequently neglected and overlooked when it comes to fire safety. The risk escalates when you consider that old, faulty wiring may run through these areas. Not to mention, it’s advisable to keep a fire extinguisher on every floor of the home so that they’re accessible in the event that they’re needed. A lightweight fire extinguisher, like the Amerex 2.5-Pound B417T ABC Fire Extinguisher, works well for smaller areas, including the car.

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7. Near the BBQ

round grill outside on green lawn with tongs placing hot dogs on high open flame

Outdoor cooking on a grill or barbecue can be a great way to enjoy good weather and delicious food with family and friends. However, open flames, flammable oils, and gas tanks make the area around your grill a potential fire hazard. A small flare-up can quickly get out of control, especially if it catches onto nearby items like patio furniture or dry plants. The Labelmaster 10-Pound ABC Fire Extinguisher works on fires with ordinary combustible materials and flammable liquids, so it’s a good one to have on hand.

8. With Camping Equipment

lantern in focus in front of campground where a woman has set up a red tent and is blurry in the background making a fire

Camping is a beloved national pastime, but campfires, portable grills, propane stoves, and lanterns present particular fire hazards. Even a small spark can quickly ignite a fire, especially in dry, wooded areas. Because emergency assistance may not be readily available, having a mini fire extinguisher with your camping gear is important.