Caylin Harris


An Emmy-nominated producer, writer, crafter, and stylist, Caylin Harris is a former editor of Good Housekeeping and The Pioneer Woman. As a freelance writer, her work has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple, The Spruce and elsewhere.

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How To: Make Your Own Fabric Softener

By adding a cap of liquid fabric softener to certain loads of laundry, you condition the clothing fibers and textiles running through that cycle. Maintaining the quality of the material, ...

12 Clever Uses for a Hair Dryer That Will Blow You Away

We bet you didn't know that you have an incredibly versatile tool—cleverly disguised as a common hair-styling essential—hiding just under the bathroom sink. Learn how to move beyond the b...

JULY 31, 2015 | FRIDAY
10 Space-Saving Ideas to Steal from Houseboats

We all complain about being short on space but imagine squeezing your life into a tiny space, then heading out to sea! Houseboat dwellers can teach all of us a thing or two about capitali...

JULY 30, 2015 | THURSDAY
3 Quick and Clever Ways to Eliminate Dust

Dusting used to mean lazily moving about the house with an old T-shirt and furniture polish in hand, loathing the amount of effort it took to bring a shine every surface. While certain ru...

JULY 21, 2015 | TUESDAY
8 Clever Ways to Use Post-It Notes

Sure, they come in bright colors and are handy for jotting down reminders, but there's more to the Post-it than meets the eye. Learn how you can use this standard office staple to make or...

JULY 20, 2015 | MONDAY
Quick Tip: Keeping Ants Out of Your Sandbox

Ants are one of those annoying pests that seem to pop up everywhere they're unwanted during the summer—picnics, kitchen countertops, your children’s sandbox, you name it. Luckily, for tha...

Pro Tips: A Concrete Master Shares 5 Secrets to Success

The industrial vibe of concrete is currently in vogue in the design world, from sleek, austere countertops to geometric planters and much more. Although working with the material might se...

JULY 14, 2015 | TUESDAY
How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are our saving grace during sticky summers—there’s nothing quite like the relief of walking into a room that has the cool air blasting after hours in unrelenting 70-degre...

JULY 10, 2015 | FRIDAY
9 Kits for an Instant Kids' Clubhouse

It's pretty much every kid's dream to have a secret hideout right in the backyard. Building even a simple treehouse, however, takes design and construction skills, time, and more than a f...

7 Weirdly Effective Ways to Weed

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing weeds flourish in your garden while the veggies and flowers languish. Even worse is seeing weeds pop up in those hard-to-pull areas between fl...