Chris Gardner


Chris Gardner is an artist, writer, and sawdust-maker living and making messes in Portland, Oregon. He's the editor-in-chief of the DIY home decor community, and the founder of, a craft, art, and design site for guys. Chris Gardner on Twitter | Google+

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5 Things to Do with... Old Bicycles

The old adage goes, "It's like riding a bike. " Meaning of course that cycling becomes so integrated into your muscle memory that you never lose the skill. So why not integrate ...

7 Essential Measuring Tools for Any Job

Besides "righty tighty, lefty loosey," there's one DIY phrase that nearly anyone can recite: Measure twice, cut once. One of the distinguishing factors between a quick fix and a...

5 Upcycled Pot Racks & Cookware Storage Ideas

I have a tiny urban townhome kitchen. You can't open the refrigerator door more than 60% without banging into the oven, and the oven can't be opened more than 80% without hitting the frid...

JULY 13, 2012 | FRIDAY
10 Ways to Use Your Cordless Drill/Driver

Some may love their wet saws for cutting tiles, while others couldn't bear to part with their trim router or thickness planer, but I'm willing to bet there's at least one power tool that ...

JUNE 18, 2012 | MONDAY
How to Install a Ceiling Fan in 7 Simple Steps

A ceiling fan can cut energy costs all year round. It helps circulate cool air in the warm summer months, but it can also help push heated air back down from the ceiling in the winter, ma...

JUNE 18, 2012 | MONDAY
How to Build a Birdhouse

Building a homemade birdhouse can be a blast. Unlike real houses that require complex framing, these humble avian abodes can be constructed from one board purchased at a local home center...

JUNE 18, 2012 | MONDAY
How To: Make an Outdoor Shower

Whether you’re cooling off, rinsing off, or actually bathing, an outdoor shower is a fun and relatively easy summer DIY project that you’ll find yourself using even more than you imagined...

Top Tips for Building a Better DIY Birdhouse

A DIY birdhouse can be as simple or as detailed as you like—from a basic box shape built with butt-joints and a 45-degree roof to one modeled after architecture you love, a miniature vers...

JUNE 5, 2012 | TUESDAY
How To: Clean Your Toolbox and Workshop

While spring is generally considered the month for cleaning windows, airing out the house, reorganizing the cupboards, and tending to general home maintenance, your workshop and tools kno...

MAY 16, 2012 | WEDNESDAY
How To: Get Clean, Chip-Free Cuts in Melamine and Veneer

Melamine-coated particleboard is a great material for storage, basement, garage, home office, and kid's room projects. It's less expensive than plywood and has a much cleaner finished loo...