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Kelsey Savage writes about homes and gardens when she's not doing her crafty best to spruce up her small home. In the past, she has served as an editor at Martha Stewart Living and Country Living. Today, she's a manager of communications at CHANEL. Kelsey Savage on LinkedIn | Google+

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AUGUST 10, 2012 | FRIDAY
How To: Combat Garden Pests (Part 1)

It’s the time of year when garden pests become especially irritating. Your ripening harvest might be snacked on by aphids, cabbage-loving caterpillars, cinch bugs, various beetles, tomato...

JULY 23, 2012 | MONDAY
Boxwoods: Maintaining Structure in Your Garden

Boxwood hedges might look formal, but they are a workhorse in the garden. The evergreens can define areas and be the frame of the garden while maintaining their glossy green leaves throug...

JULY 10, 2012 | TUESDAY
Summer Stars: Hydrangeas

Native to Japan where hydrangeas are beloved not just for their full, lush blooms, but also for the tea made from their leaves, hydrangeas have been cultivated in Western gardens since th...

JUNE 29, 2012 | FRIDAY
How to Clean and Care for Your Gardening Tools

A quality garden starts with quality care—and that doesn’t just mean keeping up with your weeding. Maintaining your garden tools will ensure that any chore you complete gets done with the...

The Basics: Building a Raised Garden Bed

For the soil- and drainage-poor gardener, a raised garden bed offers the opportunity to perfect your environment and control many of the factors that are otherwise left up to nature. Buil...

JUNE 18, 2012 | MONDAY
How To: Mow Your Lawn Properly

When it comes to your landscape, one of the most time-consuming summer chores is mowing. At this time of year, under the right circumstances, the grass puts all its energy into growing, l...

JUNE 18, 2012 | MONDAY
How To: Care for Roses

Like most stars, roses are divas. When left to their own devices, they get tangled and produce only when they feel like it. They need special care to live up to their star potential. Foll...

JUNE 11, 2012 | MONDAY
Air Plants: Growing Tillandsia

Air plants—or tillandsias—are one of my favorite indoor plants. I bought my first little pup about a year ago and since then, I’ve divided it into three larger versions of the tiny origin...

MAY 22, 2012 | TUESDAY
Top Tips for Growing Tomatoes

There’s really nothing better than a vine-ripened tomato plucked from the plant in your vegetable garden and still warm from the sun. Well, that will come later this season. Now it’s time...

MAY 15, 2012 | TUESDAY
How To: Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

It’s the time of year when Christmas tree lots start appearing around your community, bringing with them a difficult decision–will bringing home your evergreen so early in the season mean...