Kelsey Savage


Kelsey Savage writes about homes and gardens when she's not doing her crafty best to spruce up her small home. In the past, she has served as an editor at Martha Stewart Living and Country Living. Today, she's a manager of communications at CHANEL. Kelsey Savage on LinkedIn | Google+

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MAY 15, 2012 | TUESDAY
How To: Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

It’s the time of year when Christmas tree lots start appearing around your community, bringing with them a difficult decision–will bringing home your evergreen so early in the season mean...

MAY 15, 2012 | TUESDAY
Christmas Trees—Real vs. Artificial?

Christmas season is upon us so it’s time to dig around in the attic, the garage, and the basement for all that stored tinsel, and start decorating your tree. Will you choose a real evergr...

MAY 15, 2012 | TUESDAY
5 Ways to a Greener Lawn

To achieve a greener lawn, you don’t have to layer on the artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Using natural lawn care tricks will help you maintain lush grass throughout the spri...

MAY 7, 2012 | MONDAY
Easy Ground Covers: 7 Varieties to Enhance Any Landscape

A great solution to those patchy parts of your landscape, 'ground cover' is a general term for perennials that are known for their ability to spread. Not only do they enhance the areas of...

APRIL 23, 2012 | MONDAY
7 Eye-Catching New Annuals

While there’s no need to dismiss those hardworking favorites with which you fill your garden year in and year out, here are seven of the most eye-catching annuals new on the market. Today...

An Instant, Low-Maintenance Lawn

Having a lawn doesn’t always mean you can grow grass. Some places are simply too shady or too wet for any variety of grass—except the artificial kind. Turf products have come a long way s...

Light, Water, Warmth: Tips on Germinating Mail-Order Seeds

With the last frost imminent in most parts of the country, you can begin working on your garden today. Instead of buying young plants this year, try to start seeds indoors. It's cheaper t...

5 (Nearly) Kill-Proof Houseplants

Bringing a plant into your home doesn’t just enhance your décor but it will actually help purify the air in your dwelling. Sure we’ve all had that one bad experience with some plant we pi...

The Christmas Flower

Unlike Christmas presents, gingerbread cookies, and wrapped gifts, poinsettias, with their red and green leaves that blend seem perfectly suited to the holidays, can last for long afterwa...

Reblooming Amaryllis

Far from a one-time treat, forced amaryllis bulbs in a pot, with their big trumpet flowers, are one of the bright spots of winter. Since amaryllis are native to tropical environments, the...