Mark Wolfe


Mark Wolfe is a freelance writer who specializes in garden, landscaping and DIY content. After working twenty years in the nursery and landscape industry, Mark began blogging at, and has since worked for online media outlets and retailers like HGTV, WORX Tools, Dave’s Garden, and more. He holds a degree in Outdoor Education from Northland College. When not working, Mark enjoys gardening, beekeeping, traveling and exploring nature with his family in Georgia.

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7 Contaminants That May Be Lurking in Your Soil and How to Find Them

Read any gardening book and you’ll be advised to test your soil. Whether you use a simple over-the-counter DIY kit from the local garden store or submit a sample to the county extension s...

9 Reasons Why Fall Is for Planting

To the casual observer, spring may seem like the perfect time to start a garden or make over a landscape. Temperatures begin to warm up, rain is plentiful, and the world naturally starts ...

Is a Lomi Composter the Easiest Way to Turn Food Scraps Into Soil? We Tested it to Find Out!

As our culture wrestles with complex issues such as waste disposal, pollution, and sustainability, business-minded innovators continue to develop workable consumer solutions. Composting i...

I Tested All of the Solo Stoves, and the New Fire Pit 2.0 Is Better Than I Expected

One of the best anchors for any backyard living space is a great looking fire pit. Few things bring us together like relaxing fireside, gazing into the flames, sharing food, drink, and ti...

JULY 11, 2022 | MONDAY
Solo Stove's Hassle-Free Bonfire Is Worth the Hype—Here's Why

Spending an evening outdoors by the warm glow of a campfire is a great way to unwind with family and friends. But before that can happen, one has to find a safe location and then exert si...

MAY 30, 2022 | MONDAY
I Let My Lawn Grow for No Mow May—Here’s What Happened

No Mow May was started in 2019 by citizen scientists in the United Kingdom as part of a conservation study to support struggling pollinators. Homeowners were encouraged to leave their law...

MAY 25, 2022 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers of 2022

For lawn-care professionals, commercial zero-turn mowers are essential pieces of heavy-duty equipment that can cut grass all day, every day, leaving a high-quality finish. These machines ...

MAY 25, 2022 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 1 Acre of 2022

When you have a large yard, mowing the lawn can consume an outsize portion of a weekend. Push mowers and walk-behinds work fine to a point, but somewhere between a half acre and 1 acre, m...

MAY 25, 2022 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Zero-Turn Mowers for 5 Acres of 2022

When caring for a large property, it pays to become familiar with zero-turn mowers. In the old days, a lawn tractor was the go-to machine for tasks like mowing the grass, plowing the driv...

This Zero Turn Lawn Mower is Commercial Quality and Worth the Money

A zero-turn, or zero turning radius, mower is one that is engineered with drive wheels that can rotate in opposite directions, effectively turning the mower in place. Zero-turn mowers hav...