Meghan Wentland


Meghan Wentland joined the team as a writer and editor in the home finance, home security, and home improvement spaces in 2020. She is also a professor of writing and literature, where she spends her time teaching students to think critically and look for clarity.

Most of Meghan’s expertise in the home improvement area comes from research, trial, and plenty of errors. In her teaching career, she spends a lot of energy explaining to students that writing is a set of skills you can learn, and the same goes for any unfamiliar process or project. This is how she came to believe that with enough preparation, home buying and home improvement don’t have to be intimidating, and that the best companion during a home project is a clearly laid-out explanation of what to do and how to do it.

Meghan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Irish Studies from Boston College, a Masters degree in English and Irish Literature from Southern Illinois University, and a Ph.D in English from The Catholic University of America.

Connect with Meghan Wentland on LinkedIn.

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JULY 29, 2021 | THURSDAY
Solved! Is a Home Warranty Worth It?

Q: We’re shopping for our first home, and while we are certainly planning to get homeowners insurance, we’ve heard of home warranties, too, and aren’t sure whether we need one or not. Wha...

What’s the Difference? Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Home buyers and homeowners know that they need to budget for homeowners insurance coverage: Most mortgage lenders require it for protection of their own risk, and often the payment is mad...

JULY 27, 2021 | TUESDAY
The 20 Best Photo Gifts for Keeping Memories Alive

Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and new babies—all are reasons to celebrate with a thoughtful gift. But thoughtful gifts can be surprisingly difficult to choose, even (or...

JULY 26, 2021 | MONDAY
Solved! What Is a DIY Security System, and What Are the Benefits of Getting One?

Q: I’m interested in a home security system, but I’m not sure I want people in my home installing a lot of hardware or “listening in. ” I keep hearing about systems that I can install mys...

JULY 26, 2021 | MONDAY
What Is a Home Warranty, and What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Q: I’m house-hunting for the first time, and I’ve noticed that some listings note that they include a home warranty. Is this a scam, or is it some kind of insurance policy? What is a home...

JULY 26, 2021 | MONDAY
How Safe Is My Neighborhood? 7 Tools to Find Out

Q: Recently a friend looking for a house in our neighborhood told me that our area isn’t safe compared to surrounding neighborhoods. I’ve always felt comfortable in our home, but now I’m ...

JULY 20, 2021 | TUESDAY
How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

Typical Range: $3,118 to $10,126 National Average: $6,576Any remodel that involves plumbing can strike fear in the hearts of homeowners. There is an assumption that bathroom and kitche...

JULY 12, 2021 | MONDAY
Solved! Why Is My Pool Green?

Q: I got home from work last night and couldn’t wait to get into my pool to soak away the day, but when I got to the backyard, the pool water was green—not light green, either, but dark. ...

JULY 2, 2021 | FRIDAY
The Best Pool Builders Near Me: How to Hire the Best Pool Builders Near Me Based on Cost, Project, and More

Hiring the Best Pool Builders Near MeLounging by the pool with a cool beverage close at hand can be a wonderful way to spend a warm afternoon or shrug off the workday. Maybe your vision i...

How Much Does a Whole-House Generator Cost?

Highlights A whole-house generator has a typical cost range of $1,458 to $8,239 and a national average cost of $4,841. The main factors that can influence the total cost include the typ...