Meghan Wentland


Meghan Wentland joined the team as a writer and editor in the home finance, home security, and home improvement spaces in 2020. She is also a professor of writing and literature, where she spends her time teaching students to think critically and look for clarity.

Most of Meghan’s expertise in the home improvement area comes from research, trial, and plenty of errors. In her teaching career, she spends a lot of energy explaining to students that writing is a set of skills you can learn, and the same goes for any unfamiliar process or project. This is how she came to believe that with enough preparation, home buying and home improvement don’t have to be intimidating, and that the best companion during a home project is a clearly laid-out explanation of what to do and how to do it.

Meghan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Irish Studies from Boston College, a Masters degree in English and Irish Literature from Southern Illinois University, and a Ph.D in English from The Catholic University of America.

Connect with Meghan Wentland on LinkedIn.

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MAY 26, 2021 | WEDNESDAY
What’s the Difference? Burglary vs. Robbery

If you’ve been the victim of a crime and lost possessions that were financially significant or dear to you, you probably don’t care about the technical name of the experience; you’ll be t...

MAY 24, 2021 | MONDAY
How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

Typical Range: $5,619 to $22,000 National Average: $11,536Roof repair isn’t a project that any homeowner looks forward to, but the roof replacement cost is even less appealing. Mainten...

MAY 13, 2021 | THURSDAY
How To Get Rid of Frogs

Frogs are exciting and beneficial creatures to have in your yard—in moderation. The loud croaking that might draw a laugh from kids is no joke when it’s a chorus right outside your bedroo...

MAY 10, 2021 | MONDAY
Solved! Does Vinegar Kill Weeds?

Q: I have always used premixed weed killers to keep the weeds out of my garden and patio. Recently I’ve read some reports that say they can be dangerous for my health and the environment....

MAY 7, 2021 | FRIDAY
How To Unclog a Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a kitchen workhorse: it cleans crud off the dishes and scrubs pots and pans. So it stands to reason that it should clean itself in the process, right? Unfortunately, tha...

How Much Does Investing in Home Security Cost?

Typical Range: $280 to $1,109 National Average: $695For many people, home is their sanctuary. Unfortunately, a burglary occurs at a residence in the United States every 13 seconds—that...

Here’s What Experts Say Is Exactly What to Do if Someone Breaks Into Your House

Break-ins are a violation of one of our most sacred and personal spaces: our homes. A criminal breaking into an empty home is a concern, but the threat of a home invasion when the residen...

How To Prevent Home Invasion and Better Protect Your Home

Home invasions can take a significant financial toll on victims; the emotional toll is perhaps even greater. The loss of precious and expensive items is difficult, but the loss of the sen...

APRIL 27, 2021 | TUESDAY
Help! My House Was Broken Into. What Do I Do Now?

Q: I came home from work last week and could see from the driveway that my front door was kicked in. I ran to my neighbor’s house for help and they had me call the police, but I’m not sur...

How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

Highlights The typical cost range for mold remediation is $1,108 to $3,408, and the national average cost is $2,242. The exact cost for this service will depend on the location of the m...