Meghan Wentland


Name: Meghan Wentland

Title: Contributing Writer and Editor

Meghan Wentland joined the Bob Vila team as a writer and editor in the home finance, home security, and home improvement spaces in 2020. She is also a professor of writing and literature, where she spends her time teaching students to think critically and look for clarity.

Expertise and Experience

Most of Meghan’s expertise in the home improvement area comes from research, trial, and plenty of errors. In her teaching career, she spends a lot of energy explaining to students that writing is a set of skills that can be learned, and the same goes for any unfamiliar process or project. This is how she believes that with enough preparation, home buying and home improvement don’t have to be intimidating. The best companion during a home project is a clearly laid-out explanation of what to do and how to do it; Meghan is happy to contribute to that body of work for new and experienced DIYers. 

There’s a lot to know about improving a home, but home finances, insurance, and security can be just as intimidating as home improvements, especially for new buyers. In her writing, Meghan strives to tame these beasts and make them accessible for newcomers or those who don’t need the whole backstory but only the steps they need to take to get the job done.

Meghan also enjoys working on gift guides, product reviews, and pieces that help readers estimate the costs of projects and hiring the right professionals to help.

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