Oliver Harriett


By day, Oliver Harriett owns and operates a painting contractor business. Nights and weekends, he writes about the joys and pains of home improvement.

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JULY 13, 2017 | THURSDAY
Shed Shopping? 5 Things You Need to Know First

We’re all prone to occasional impulse purchases, but a shed should not be one of them. While more and more folks are catching on to the pleasure and convenience of owning a backyard build...

JUNE 30, 2017 | FRIDAY
5 Reasons to Replace Your Window Treatments ASAP

Everyone loves summer for its long, relaxing days and the prospect of endless fun. But if you’re torn between lazing around on a lawn chair and taking on a home decorating project, know t...

The Dos and Don'ts of Building a Shed

A backyard shed frees up your home and garage by storing cumbersome essentials like your riding mower, hedge trimmers, and other lawn care equipment. But these sturdy little buildings can...

10 Totally Unexpected Uses for a Backyard Shed

A sturdy shed is great for storing gear, but why stop there? People with all sorts of diverse interests—from growing their own food to hosting big barbecues—are discovering how a shed can...

JUNE 2, 2017 | FRIDAY
Finally! 10 Solutions for Your Hard-to-Store Household Items

You don’t sweat the small stuff in life, metaphorically or physically. An unused kitchen gadget gets tossed into a junk drawer and you don't even bat an eye. It’s the big, bulky stuff—be ...

MAY 31, 2017 | WEDNESDAY
5 Curb Appeal Lessons from a Gorgeous Garage Makeover

 Every time you leave or return home, you can’t help but notice the garage door. But how often do you really look at it? If you’re like most, you rarely pause to consider the impact your ...

MAY 18, 2017 | THURSDAY
7 Tools with Hidden Talents

You’ve got your toolbox organized and know just what to grab when you’ve got a job to do. But wouldn’t it be great if your go-to hand tools had other uses that made them even handier</em>...

7 Top Tools for No-Mess Painting

While before-and-afters of painting projects are often breathtaking, there tends to be a <i>little</i> bit of ugly at the end—specifically, the time-consuming cleanup. Fortunately, Hyde T...

How To: Create a Walk-In Closet in 1 Hour

Have you dreamed about a walk-in closet with endless storage possibilities for clothes and accessories? Fortunately, virtually any spare space—from an underused home office to a small bed...

MARCH 14, 2017 | TUESDAY
11 Secret Weapons to Keep in Your Cleaning Caddy

Whether you promptly take care of all household chores or (like the rest of us!) tend to let certain tasks slide, you probably dread particular duties that require major elbow grease and ...