Oliver Harriett


By day, Oliver Harriett owns and operates a painting contractor business. Nights and weekends, he writes about the joys and pains of home improvement.

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JUNE 19, 2015 | FRIDAY
Re-Do Your Home Exterior with a New Garage Door

If you were to look at pictures of all the homes built since the mid 1950s, you would notice one obvious commonality: For decades, the garage door has been the most noticeable aspect of t...

How To: Pour a Concrete Patio

Whether rectangular or curvy in design, next to the home or freestanding in the yard, a concrete patio establishes new living space outdoors and adds a striking feature to the landscape. ...

MAY 27, 2015 | WEDNESDAY
How To: Make a Concrete Bowl Lamp

Everyone knows this about concrete: It's one of the most durable building materials on earth. What's not so widely recognized is how versatile concrete can be. Yes, it remains the go-to c...

MAY 20, 2015 | WEDNESDAY
How To: Make a $5 Stool with Concrete

Do-it-yourselfers have a new favorite material: concrete. Inexpensive and versatile, it can be used in seemingly limitless ways, not only for large applications out in the yard, but also ...

How To: Make a Concrete Planter

This post has been brought to you by QUIKRETE. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Everyone knows that for major construction, concrete offers unparalleled durability at low...

MAY 1, 2015 | FRIDAY
10 Ways to Go Crazy for Concrete

For 75 years now, QUIKRETE® has supplied homeowners with high-quality concrete mixes for a staggering variety of projects. Some things don't change, and concrete remains do-it-yourselfers...

INFOGRAPHIC: Get a Head Start on a Healthy Lawn

After a cold and blustery winter, homeowners are geared up and ready to get back outside. First on many to-do lists is reviving the worse-for-wear grass. Of course, a lot goes into the cu...

MARCH 16, 2015 | MONDAY
This Company Turns Centuries-Old Barns into Contemporary Homes

As agriculture has morphed into big business and populations have shifted from the countryside to urban centers, timber-frame barns have become rare. Thanks to companies like Heritage Res...

MARCH 9, 2015 | MONDAY
This Company Makes Furniture from Salvaged Fire Hose

Every single month, tons of fire hose reaches the end of its useful life and must be disposed of. That's when Oakland-based Oxgut Hose Co. steps in. Since 2013, the company has been worki...

MARCH 6, 2015 | FRIDAY
House Envy: A Cantilevering Creekside Retreat

In California wine country, a house-hunting couple struck upon a cozy, cedar-shingled cabin. Encompassing 960 square feet, the home sat nestled in a grove of trees, just a stone's skip re...