Rachel Brougham


Name: Rachel Brougham

Title: Contributing Writer 

Rachel Brougham is a former newspaper editor turned freelance writer who now spends her time writing and editing for a variety of brands, newspapers, and magazines. Rachel started writing for BobVila.com in 2020 and often covers design and trend topics. Her writing (including a syndicated weekly newspaper column) can also be found in several newspapers around the country. Her work appears in Family Handyman, Minnesota Parent, Taste of Home, Yahoo News, University of Minnesota, and Reader’s Digest.

Expertise and Experience

After graduating from college, Rachel spent 5 years at WWTV/WWUP in Northern Michigan, where she oversaw the newsroom and daily news coverage. That was followed by 5 years at the Petoskey News-Review, where she was a reporter before becoming assistant editor. Rachel has covered everything from environmental and education issues to 9/11, local and state politics, and feature stories. Upon moving to Minnesota in 2015, she worked for Brandpoint, a content marketing company where she edited articles that ran on news websites. In 2017, she began freelance writing and editing full-time and became a go-to writer on home design trends for The Family Handyman and BobVila.com. Her first book, a memoir titled Widowland, a Collection of Essays on Grief, was published in February 2022.

When Rachel isn’t reading news headlines, she can be found in local shops looking for interesting decor pieces for her Minneapolis home and keeping up on design and decorating trends to share with readers.

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