Stacey L Nash


Name: Stacey L. Nash

Title: Contributing Writer

Stacey L. Nash has written for since 2020 and more widely for the past 6 years about home products, home decor, and general home improvement. Diving into research is one of her favorite parts of writing, but she especially enjoys hands-on testing to get a feel for how products really function in everyday life.  

Expertise and Experience

Over the 6 years Stacey has worked as a freelance writer, she’s covered everything from paving and bathroom design to plungers and silverware. She’s developed significant practical experience with kitchen and home products through years of hands-on testing. One of her favorite product testing projects included an ice cream maker that required making several batches of ice cream in 1 week. Stacey also wrote for the sleep industry for 18 months, reviewing pillows, sheets, duvets, duvet covers, and mattresses. 

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