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Ugly Yard 911: 9 Ways to Make Over (or Hide) the Worst Parts of Your Property

Curb appeal matters when you’re selling your house, but it can also be a point of pride. The same is true of the condition of the backyard area where you entertain. Sometimes, messes or u...

APRIL 18, 2022 | MONDAY
Side Yard Upgrade: 14 Ideas for Transforming This Forgotten Outdoor Space

Style on the SideSide yards often are narrow and more utilitarian in nature (think faucets and hoses, garbage or recycling containers, and storage). But with a little planning and creativ...

APRIL 8, 2022 | FRIDAY
17 Surprising Ways to Use Steel Wool Around the House

Steel Wool, Still Going StrongA tool that’s now commonplace in the modern home, steel wool came about somewhat by accident. It is believed that 19th-century mechanics used to gather up th...

This Organic Gardening Supply Is Stirring Up Controversy—Should You Stop Using It?

Peat moss has been a top growing medium, especially for starting seeds, since the 1960s. Compressed pellets of peat moss surrounded by a thin fiber bag, like those made by Jiffy, offer a ...

JULY 27, 2020 | MONDAY
Solved! When Is the Best Time of Year for Spraying Fruit Trees?

Q: The fruit on several fruit trees in my garden grows poorly and the leaves look bad. I probably need to spray the trees, but don’t know how to go about it. Can you tell me when to spray...

JULY 7, 2020 | TUESDAY
5 Simple Steps to Overseeding a Lawn

A full, green lawn creates curb appeal and makes you feel like sipping an iced tea on the back patio. But if bare spots peek through and weeds overpower the grass, the lawn might be more ...

APRIL 14, 2020 | TUESDAY
Why Planting a Victory Garden This Year Is More Important Than Ever

Occasionally, an idea comes along that is so great it lives on from generation to generation. The victory garden is one such idea. The gardens first came to light in the 20th century, aga...

8 Things All Homeowners Should Know About Window Flashing

During construction, a builder will take many precautions to protect a house from water damage. One of the most important is installing window flashing, a thin material that's added to th...

Solved! Here's Exactly When You Should Aerate the Lawn

Q: I recently moved down south from the Northeast and want to keep my new lawn healthy. When is the best time to aerate the lawn?A: Punching holes into the soil with a lawn aerator, a too...

MAY 31, 2018 | THURSDAY
Solved! Does Using Epsom Salts in the Garden Actually Help?

Q: I have heard that Epsom salt can do everything from jumpstarting tomatoes to fertilizing garden shrubs. How do I know when to use Epsom salts for plants, and how to separate fact from ...