Timothy Dale


Name: Timothy Dale

Title: Contributing Writer

Timothy Dale is a home improvement writer who has been in the industry for several years. In his work for BobVila.com, he has written a number of how-to articles related to yard maintenance, vehicle repair, and home renovation, not to mention a wide variety of buying guides and articles on DIY projects. He always ensures readers get the information they need to tackle their next project. 

Expertise and Experience

Timothy spent his post-secondary education years working in the plumbing trade while completing degrees in English literature and psychology. He took on a position in project management that ended up lasting 10 years before segueing into a career as a freelance writer. As a project manager, Timothy had a wide range of work that included plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work, as well as restoration work, emergency response, safety audits, and contract negotiation. The scope of the projects under his management led Timothy to regularly attend planning meetings with city staff. Here he addressed issues with city infrastructure and helped train the staff to use the newly designed data collection app and portal.

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