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03:12AM | 04/17/04
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a handful of years of "Hands on" experience to teach & show me the truth and begin to give me the knowledge of what is best for a basement wall.I too use to believe what I`d heard from others when they spoke about waterproofing.I`d think to myself geez,if a builder is saying this or if its in a newspaper article or on the radio then it simply must be true.I just didnt have the knowledge or experience to see the other side of what they were saying.Was too young,and must admit it was easier just to agree with the masses...well...sorry to say but most have wrong a long time about waterproofing/foundations...I use to believe like others and still hear things like "Oh,there must be a broken drain tile down there" or "Raise the grade & slope it away from your house" or"Dig a french drain and put drain tile & gravel in it" or "Put longer extensions on your downspouts" and on & on & on.....and these means will FIX your seepage problem.Just not true folks..but try all ya like,extend your downspouts 8 miles from your house,raise your grade 4 feet high! Install the inside tile method! Try whatever ya like,but if you have a crack(s)on the outside of your wall and-or bowing/shifting of your wall(s) your gonna be in some trouble pretty soon and ya shoulda had the outside method done from the git-go.


01:34PM | 04/17/04
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I guess you're right. I am not a waterproofer like you, sir, but these are all good things to start with aren't they? If they aren't I should have taken those pesky downspouts off long ago. Ans the slope that would have saved me a lot of work moving the dirt in on my old house.

So you're saying if someone posts on here that they have ground sloping toward their house, you're first response would be to excavate and waterproof?

I say give the easier, cheaper route a chance and then try your method.

Not all of us have money to toss around, but then again not all of us are depending on this for our livelyhood.



06:08PM | 04/17/04
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O.K. I have more questions. First how are you going to hand dig a trench 30 feet long and 6 feet deep in 3 hours? Thats a large job for a garden shovel.Also while we're down at the footing you're going to replace a few broken tile? That tile is full of soil and roots! Might as well replace the entire lengh of pipe along that wall thats been dug up. Would'nt that make more sense? Also tell me why it's a bad idea to pipe downspouts away from the foundation. Why add more water to the foundation that it does not need, same goes for resloping land. If surface water is coming for the foundation during a rain I would like to channel it away from the building. That is all C.


07:57PM | 04/17/04
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While I certainly agree with some of what LicensedWaterproofer says, I certainly do not agree with it all.

Basement water problems can come from various sources and sometimes grading of soil and downspout location IS enough to solve surface runoff water related problems.

On the other hand, if your basement water problems are caused by rises in the ground water table, then an interior/exterior french drainage system is another key to solving the issue.

So too is foundation coatings and mebranes.

So too can be interior basment de-watering systems.

So too can be injecting epoxies to seal cracks in foundation walls...or reinforcing your walls that have buckled from expansive clay soils or ground water pressure related problems.

The truth is, the ALL of these things must be looked at and addressed when diagnosing basement water related problems and all these things addressed to come up with the proper combination of treatments to eliminate basement water related problems.


07:58PM | 04/17/04
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Here remains one of the overall best sources on the net for diagnosing and treating basement water and moisture related problems:

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