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06:32PM | 07/31/04
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I have a trench, I guess you'd call it, measuring about 4" wide by 3" deep running around most of the perimeter of my basement's poured concrete floor.

The problem is that there's water leaking in from somewhere around the concrete block walls and remaining in this trench. It's gotten to the point where there's mold growing in it.

What do I do to clean all the crud out of it? And what could I use to fill it in? (I have no idea why the house is constructed this way...if not for the trench, any water that got in would run straight to the floor drain).

TIA for any suggestions.


05:03PM | 08/28/04
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I saw that a few people share something in common! a little trench in the basement floor along the wall. These are chipped out to channel water to a drain or a pump. the trench keeps the water from overspreading the floor. To anyone looking to buy a house this is a surefire sign the basement has water! Older houses with people in the generations before us lived with the problem. Today our mindsets are different. The only real way to stop the water is to install an exterior footing drain [that is dig down to the footing outside of the house 6 feet down,install swiss pipe crushed stone & backfill.] The easier way is to install a drain in the basement. Both are labor intensive,plus contractors charge big bucks for this work. MiniFoxx I'd suggest a sump pump installation; Dig a hole in the lowest spot on the floor get a plastic sump [drill some holes to let the water in] and get a pump put it in the hole and pipe the outlet to the outside&plug it in. I hope I've been of some help.C.


08:54AM | 08/30/04
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MiniFoxx, your water is not getting to the pump. Two reasons for this 1)The pump is on the high end of the floor. Remember water flows down hill. 2) The pump is there strictly for the washing machine. My answer is to go ahead and put in a sump pump for to solve the standing water problem. You'll be happy you did. C.

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