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11:41AM | 07/15/03
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I just bought my first home and thanks to the 4 foot high overgrown juniper bushes separting the street and the sidewalk, the house (1968 tract ranch) has absolutely no curb appeal. Do I remove the bushes entirely (is this difficult??) or cut them back radically???? I'd greatly appreciate all suggestions! Thanks!


04:31PM | 07/15/03
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K--Thank you so much for your quick reply which was the same as my gut feeling that they need to be taken out entirely. I'll do it! Then my next challenge will be to determine what to replace them with! Thanks, again, for encouraging me!

k smith

05:51AM | 07/16/03
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if you are going to replace the shrubs, why not cut them way back first, allow time to recover, then decide if you want to replace with something more showy. it could save you alot of hard work and junipers are very hardy plants requiering very little maintenance. if you remove mature junipers, you are in for tough job.


09:16AM | 07/19/03
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I sure wish we could post photos! Anyhow, I was thinking the same thing--driving through other neighborhoods to see what folks have done before I pull out the junipers entirely, which is my inclination. I have a daughter with a huge 4 wheel drive pick-up w/ a winch to do the diry work. The folks across the street have their junipers trimmed to a tidy knee level, giving them a buffer between street and front yard. The owners of the other houses (I'm on a cul-de-sac street with about 8 houses) either removed or never had them (I'll ask when I move in). They all have various types of scruffy low-growing (1 inch) stuff that looks a bit barren and boring for my taste. Thank goodness no one replaced their bushes with that white stone that I've seen cover entire front yards in other neighborhoods! Maybe I watch too many HGTV shows, so I want the wow factor. Anyhow, I'm going for both of your suggestions...cut them back radically while I get other ideas and make the change in the spring after I've stared at the area a while. Anything will be an improvement. Thanks SO much for your suggestions and helping me to talk and think this through!!!!!!!! PS: I love lavendar and it grows great around here but maybe it is too tall for the front. I may put some between my property line and the neighbors, along the driveway. Tata for now...S.


12:50PM | 04/11/14
Don't you just love the way some just jump to the conclusion that the best way to attack a problem is total eradication. Thank goodness that opinion was directed at plant life. Sometimes it takes a little thought and consideration before you just destroy twenty or thirty years of growth. Maybe taking time to thin down a growth into an aesthetic form of art or expression is the better approach. However, if the plants just don't hold any appeal to you removal is then an option. I however came to this posting looking for suggestion for pruning and shaping. I did not find that help here.

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