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07:40AM | 01/18/05
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Hello guys,

I have ventilation windows in the attic. In the summer I open them. My question is that in the winter should they be left open or should they be closed. Currently I have them closed. There is insulation inside the attic.

Thanks guys


03:15PM | 01/18/05
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It depends upon what other type of ventilation the attic has, if any. If there are other ventilation sources such as eave and ridge vents, then the window vents would be for summer use to disipate excess heat. Remember that attic ventilation serves TWO purposes. One is heat removal which reduces the load on your AC system. The other is moisture removal which is actually a greater problem in winter than in summer. This second purpose is often overlooked by those who, in their zeal to conserve energy, cover ventilation openings to keep in heat. Although it may reduce heat loss in the short term, long term effects can include rotted wood, fungi growth, mold, and mildew. These effects can lower the value of your home and present health risks.

In your case, check for additional vent openings and be sure that they are adequately sized before closing off the windows. All wood frame houses should have attic ventilation. However, not all houses were built as they should have been and often vent openings are removed out of ignorance. Your windows may have been an attempt to provide ventilation where there was none at all.



04:50AM | 01/19/05
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Thank you for that answer. I have asked a few people and know one was really sure. I remember not seeing any other opening for ventilation so I will leave them open.

thanks again

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