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03:43PM | 01/06/09
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My frustation level with my water problem in my basement is enough to sell and take a substantial loss just to know that I don't have to deal with this EVER again!

1700 sq. foot ranch that has water only on the back and one side of the house, 4 window wells completely fill WAY after a huge rainfall or quick winter melt. The water seems to be coming from under the wells.

I have a sump pump that rarely runs even during these times. I have relandscaped, added a downspout in the middle of the back end of the house and put a drainage pipe about 4 ft below the ground running the entire back end of the house reaching far around the sides.

Have had several professional opinions on remedies, course no guarantees.

1st, drainage pipes inside each well into a drain pipe that would go across the middle of the room on top of concrete.

2nd, block out wells, no guarantee that water will not seep into basement from foundation base

3rd new drain tiles and 2nd sump pump

4th all new gutters will surely do it

5th bring in even more dirt to flow water away from the foundation

The walls are finished with paneling, 1 room is carpeted with carpet tiles so I can hang them to dry, the rest is linoleum.

If there is an engineering angel out there, please contact me. I have even tried to contact our city engineer (building permits, etc.) imploring him for advice or just to tell me the water table is high and you were lied to when you bought the house.

Desperately yours,



11:58AM | 01/07/09
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Sometimes, the water is entering THROUGH openings/gaps in,around,under the basement window,the legde-sill and/or open mortar joints or through a basement window VENT....if so then you need to find/locate/identify any and all openings and then fix/repair them.

NO drain tile in the well or adding soil or longer downspout extensions etc will find and then seal/fix whatever is OPEN and allowing the water to actually enter.

This homeowner has paneling against wall, sees water on floor BUT........the water is first-entering through a few of openings outside.......through gaps/crevices under and on sides of the sill AND through those little joints BETWEEN the glass blocks AND through the VENT in the window. MUST seal all openings and get rid of the vent (glass block).

Here is what they see, water on the floor

Here is a gap/opening right under a sill/ledge, water enters here

Water can run down a basement wall BEHIND paneling/drywall and homeowner may only see it come onto floor at,along cove,cold joint. OR, sometimes water will get INTO the hollow blocks through these and other exterior openings and only be seen/visible at wall-floor joint. (for those who have block walls)

One can extend downspouts extensions 100 miles away and/or add soil and slope away or put in some goofball drain tile etc etc but all these things do NOT truly IDENTIFY/DIAGNOSE where-how-why water is entering NOR will these things correctly fix/repair whatever the openings are.

Water is getting in here too


12:05PM | 01/07/09
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here is last pic again, water enters here

openings under,around a door...just like some basement windows

These are SOME of the openings where water/insects enter


12:10PM | 01/07/09
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12:19PM | 01/07/09
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sometimes a homeowner will have a combination-problem, for instance, openings around/along/above grade (windows-open mortar joints etc) AND..

a crack(s)in the basement wall or leaky rod holes in wall etc.

So, they`ll need to fix/repair the possible openings in/under/around the window or window ledge or have some tuckpointing done AND....will need to properly plug/pack any possible leaky rod holes behind paneling/drywall OR if its a crack i`d highly recommend it be waterproofed and backfilled correctly on the OUTSIDE.

If you`d like to call or e-mail, let me know. Can send you many pictures of homeowners REAL problems


06:22AM | 01/08/09
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Waterproofer, thank you, sounds like solid advice. If I am understanding this correctly, glass block the windows and whoever does this will check for any other leak points.

Also, just being cautious, you can send me your email address.

Thanks again, you have given me hope!


07:55PM | 01/08/09
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What i`m saying is, the FIRST thing i would do is make sure/locate 'where' the water first enters. Depending on whom you get to come over for windows may or may not deal with looking for OTHER possible openings that can allow water in.It`ll also depend how competent and patient they are

If you can see where 'some or all' of the water is,through the joints between the glass blocks and/or through the vent then yes, the vent will need to be 'blocked in' OR, if you have a guarantee on the windows then call them so they can come back and maybe put in an 'air-tight/water-tight' vent...if not, they`ll need to be blocked in correctly.

If some water is first entering BETWEEN some of the blocks then this too will need to be fixed/sealed in order to keep water out. If installed correctly they`re supposed to keep water out.

You 'COULD' also have....OTHER openings that are allowing some water in like gaps,spaces,crevices under,on sides of the window sills OR, if its a brick house you may have some open mortar joints or little cracks in bricks/joints,sometimes one has to look closely.

If i was there, this is what i would do,find/seek/identify ANY `n ALL openings which can allow water/insects in.From here, i cannot tell you where/what all your openings are. Without seeing your windows/house/basement can only offer you the probabilities/possibilities

Here is one e-mail....


08:19PM | 01/08/09
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here is a homeowner who had several openings where water entered,window well area

All the DIFFERENT openings must be located and waterproofed/sealed correctly. Some only have 1 problem/opening, some have 2-3 and so on.

Pic`s 2,3,4 inside basement, under window. They get water up high on wall AND down low(crack in wall outside)

6) you can the outside where they have plastic etc over window

7-11) hand digging inside and around the window well,all kinds of CRAP/garbage in well underground,NOT good.

12,13) 'OTHER'openings to left of window,all must be identified and sealed. Insects/water had EASY access

14-17) the hairline crack on exterior and YES, it allows ALOT of water in...yep, this alone does! Showed the homeowner by running water,a hose-test from ground level down,below window sill where crack is.

18,19,20) MORE openings AROUND window.Like i say, ALL must be found and fixed. If someone ONLY waterproofed the crack,the homeowner would still LEAK because the other openings weren`t located/sealed.

Someone had previously dug this out and attempted a 1/2 you-know-what job on waterproofing the crack.They didn`t use hydraulic cement,only tarred 'aprt' of the crack,no visqueen and they backfilled with all kinds of JUNK instead of backfilling w/all gravel.This is incompetent/rookie/diy stuff

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