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05:30AM | 07/31/06
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Hi ! I hope you can answer my question.

I have a basement that is not finished but I have my washer and dryer down there. Next to it is the water heater. Six feet away from the heater I have a pump. Next to it the pump we will have a bathroom that we have the connections ready to use, shower, sink and comote, but right now are closed. Across from it, ten feet away is the furnace and 20' away, on another corner of the basement, I have a floor drain.

My problem is that when I do laundry the basement stinks horribly like sewer, when I do dishes upstairs the basement stinks, and sometimes when I do nothing and the basement stinks. Also, the smells is present outside my house. Not only that, on some ocations the smell comes up to the entire house. Sometimes the smell is so strong that makes me sick.

The smell in the basement comes from the pump and behind the washer and I have a septic tank outside, we are not connected to any city sewer system.

This is a 4 year old house and we bought it new. The plumbers that installed the sewer system had come to see the problem but had done nothing and cant find the problem. I cant beleive that there is no solution to this problem. That is why I am seeking other profesional's opinions.

Please, help me. I will appreciate it.



11:34AM | 08/12/06
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Usually, this comes from an improperly vented system. you could get a second opinion from another plumber on that.

Another common reason is that drains are unused and have no fluid in the trap, so acting as a vent. For instance, it could be that the unused installations in your basement have dry traps in the lines, so septic gases can vent up thru them into the house. I think this is most likely. Pour some RV antifreeze into them ( it won't evaporate as fast as water, but you might try plain water first to see if that works)

Another problem I have seen is that the septic line leaving your house and running to the septic tank could be broken by frost heaving or new house backfill settling, This generally would place more of the odor outside tho and it wouldn't get worse as you use the system on occasion.

Good luck

BTW, Keep a window open to vent this until it clears up. Some of the odors are Methane which is a flamable gas

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