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02:38AM | 08/17/06
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well, lets read what Mr sani says, claims etc, shall we....just a few things to start

claims-- "sanitred is the ONLY indoor waterproofing system that completely seals ANY basement Permanently..." oh really?

'completely seals' basement huh? IMPOSSIBLE! lol

for instance,block basement walls,NO product applied on Inside can stop/eliminate water `n moisture from ENTERING cracks and other openings on OUTSIDE of block walls, this can ONLY be done, ahem, on the OUTSIDE. BOGUS claim!

-Sanitred Supposed Advantages-

claim-- "Sanitred permanently seal all seams,cracks,holes and joints in walls,floors etc....which is IMPOSSIBLE to seal or waterproof from the OUTSIDE of the basement" hahhaha! another bogus claim!

NO way JOSE! look, anyone who makes such claims is the ONE who needs to PROVE-substantiate the claims.....NO way your products applied on Inside of walls could EVER stop/prevent/eliminate water-moisture from!

claim-- "Sanitreds ability to hold back negatibe Hydrostatic Pressure"...Impossible!

hydrostatic soil pressure is on the OUTSIDE of basement walls, TONS of pressure created from expanding/contracting soil. Removing this soil which is against the outside of wall is ONLY way to help relieve-lessen hydrostatic pressure. don`t forget those tree roots Mr sani which cause walls to crack,leak bow too. Your products can`t help there either.

claim-- "eliminates humidity,moisture, water from entering basement"

again, same crap, it cannot eliminate water,moisture from entering THROUGH basement wall cracks `n other openings, THINK PLZ! These openings are on the OUTSIDE of the Hollow-Block Walls, duh

You and your inside product cannot get to these Outside cracks unless, ya go...OUTSIDE! lololololol geeeuz, where`s a speck of common sense? where?

claim- "eliminates Radon gas from Entering slab, basement or foundation of the building" this is NOT possible! You cannot stop-Eliminate Radon gas that will enter the Outside of hollow block walls, have to go Outside to accomplish this! Once radon gas enters through these cracks/openings it`s.....INSIDE the cells of the blocks!!!! So, your products do NOT eliminate Radon gas from....entering the!

Theres sooo many,ugh!!

claim- #16..."prevents Future foundation settling by eliminating soil erosion of undisturbed soil from under the foundation footing"

hahah, what? again, Impossible! YOU cannot 'prevent' settling by applying ANY Inside product to walls/floors, its Impossible!

claim- "The ONLY way to waterproof a basement is on the Inside of the basement walls, NOT Outside"

same old BOGUS LIE, and THATS the truth.

read, think, learn if you can/want, should NOT be making BOGUS claims for Self-Gain!

READ IT, 6th paragraph `n educate yourself!

Most basements are ONLY damprooed! NOT WATERPOOFED and NOT backfilled w/all gravel-peastone....geeezuz YOU can`t Understand there is a BIG Difference huh?

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