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04:46PM | 03/13/09
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I am wanting to finish off a portion of my basement. I have read through many different post, sites, and articles about what types of insulation and things to use. I think I have decided to use XPS/EPS foam with a normal stud wall on top.

My problem is that around the perimeter of my basement there is what appears to be a french drain system. At the base of all of the exterior walls there is a plastic 3" baseboard sort of thing. How do I deal with this in trying to frame the walls? My initial thought is to use foam thicker than the plastic cover and just have foam above the cover but is this a good idea or will this cause problems?



06:06AM | 03/24/09
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Without seeing the area, it is difficult to give you advice. However, you can anchor the studs above "baseboard" so it does not interfere with the system. You can apply a removable, snap-in/snap-out baseboard to cover the gap from the floor.Johnsonite makes these removable baseboards. The product is named rePLACE. This would allow you to remove the baseboard if needed.


06:34AM | 12/15/09
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I am doing a finished basement that has a perimeter drain (see photo). I cannot find the suggested Johnsonite product. To clarify, I want to put a stud wall along the edge of the perimeter drain. Do I put 2-inch rigid foam on the cinder block wall (it would be over the drain), and then add the stud wall to meet the rigid foam? Walls are painted with drylock; no water problems in basement with sump working in heavy rain. I need advice on best method. Thanks for any suggestions.
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10:49AM | 12/19/09
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do a moisture test 1ST before anything else

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05:39PM | 12/25/09
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Thanks for the "itsreallyconcrete" link. The site has much useful information and links to sites with solutions to basement remodeling especially waterproofing. None deal with an open interior perimeter drain solution. However, since there is only a little standing water in the drain near the sump pump pit, and nothing worse than this in 20 years, I can probably get away with leaving it as is, then do insulated stud walls next to the drain on the 2 sides of my basement where I plan to put a home theater room. Another idea is a plastic cover over the drain and vapor barrier on the walls plus 2 inch rigid foam; but I'd rather not drill into the blocks. A moisture check is also a good idea.
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02:35AM | 06/26/13
I have the same set up but my plastic is about 8 inches high. cinder walls drylocked with no water issues. just looking for a effective solution to cover the unsightly plastic up to the cinder without building stud wall that will take up more space.

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03:39AM | 06/26/13
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How to Waterproof Your Basement?

Most homes are sitting on a treasure trove of useful space: the basement. However, many basements in older homes are damp or leaky, and make unsuitable choices for a new rec room or bedroom. Before you can start any basement remodeling project, you have to keep the water out.Evaluate the perimeter of your house.on the ground right next to your foundation, you'll have problems.Try to waterproof your walls with a product such as Drylok or Xypex if you have minor, intermittent leaksRepair defects in poured concrete walls such as cracks and the places where pipes and form tie rods go all the way through the concreteConsider installing a sump. Try a French drain (or perimeter drain) for serious water issuesHave an installer inject Hydroclay around of your foundation.
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10:17AM | 01/11/19
I had a french drain system installed in my basement also. And for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to build a wall. I put two coats of Dylock on the walls, and sealed any cracks with hydraulic cement. The remodeler said all you have to do is glue the 2x4 to the floor, then attached the beam to the wall above. P

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