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06:27PM | 05/16/05
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I have a 6.5 HP craftsman rotary lawn mower. I added oil to the engine, but may have added more oil than was necessary. When I started there was white smoke coming from the muffler. I shut it off and drained some oil out of it. Now it does not start after repeated attempts.

What could be wrong and what can I do to fix it.



08:39AM | 05/22/05
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Hi. I had a similar problem once with my mower. There could be several reasons. Did you checkif your spark plug slipped off. If you tilted the mower to to its side, the engine oil could have flooded the air filter on the top. Try leaving in an airy sunny place to dry off. If its a very old mower like may have to pour oil and then let it sit and then drain several times to unclog old very thick oiland then finally fill a very small amount of engine oil around the mark of your dip stick. Filter may need changing if all these dont work. Mine worked without filter change. The lawn mower is a very resilient being .....dont give up. Mine is atleast 10 years old or more , second hand so God knows what else happened in its life, add to it that know one changed its oil for years!!!!


08:13AM | 12/23/06
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If your having white smoke emmiting from the muffler, it is probibly the extra oil you put in the crankcase. It got in there from turning the mower over the wrong way. You are supposed to turn it over with the carberator facing up. Just let it run with it smoking. The engine is self cleaning all the oil out of the carberator. Happy mowing


02:10PM | 01/23/07
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Pull your spark plug out to see if it is covered in oil. Could be the reason it isn't starting now. Clean the spark plug with carb cleaner and replace. See if it starts. If it does, it may smoke a little til all the residual oil is burned up. Let us know how it goes!

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12:01AM | 09/26/16
With todays gas containing alcohol and a lawn mower sitting for long periods in places like a hot storage shed. Adding to this is the fact that the gas in the tank is gravity fed to the carburetor. As the fuel evaporates out of the float bowl on the carb, it causes increasing concentrations of chemicals in the float bowl as fuel is continuously being fed into the float bowl. These chemicals build up to the point that soft crystals start forming in the float bow; thus, plugging up the small orifices for the venturi circuit of the carb. I bought a new Craftsman 6.5HP lawn mower. After it sits for a s little as 2 weeks between uses, it wouldn't start. Took the carb off and cleaned out the bottom nut on the float bowl and stuck a .020" dia drill up the center of the center section of the venturi tube in the carb housing. This cleared out the soft crystals and after putting the float and carb back together the mower easily started and ran great again. Bottom line: there is no fuel shut off valve on the gas line running to the carb. This keeps fuel pressure on the float and as the gas evaporates it causes the crystals to plug up the carb venturi and float bowl mounting nut (the nut has a cross hole and a vertical feed hole into the carb Venturi). Solution is to put a fuel shutoff valve in the gas line going between the fuel tank and the carb. These fuel shut of valves are readily available on eBay as a straight through Briggs-Stratten shut off valve. The valve has 1/4" nipples and they are real cheap (about $3 to $5). Installation took all of about 10 minutes. After mowing the lawn, just shut off the fuel, then start the mower. Within a minute, this will drain the float bowl and nothing will ever form and plug up the carb again. Next time you use the mower, just turn on the valve and the mower will easily start - no matter how long it is stored between uses. Also, look for the shutoff valve that comes with the 2 hose clamps. This same starting problem has plagued 3 of my neighbors, so I bet it is very wide spread issue.


03:46PM | 05/04/19
I have a 21 hp rider Bob Villa Craftsman that has been sitting for 4 years now.i put new gas in but it won't fire up except with starting fluid,then cuts off when starting fluid runs out,could it be a bad fuel regulator

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